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At Locanto Tech Write for us, we invite you to showcase your expertise, share your wisdom, and unleash your creative thinking to captivate our diverse audience.

Diverse Content Categories for Maximum Impact

Locanto Tech spans various categories, including Business, Marketing, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Tech, each committed to delivering top-notch, authoritative content that resonates with and enriches our audience’s lives.

Guidelines for Crafting Compelling Contributions

1. Elevate Content Quality

Strive for excellence by delivering content that is not only useful but also 100% unique, devoid of plagiarism and grammatical errors. Ensure your piece has not been published elsewhere.

2. Word Count Matters

Aim for a minimum of 1000 words to provide in-depth insights and valuable information to our readers.

3. Keyword Mastery for Visibility

Optimize your content with a primary target keyword boasting a monthly volume of 300 or more. Skillfully integrate the keyword into the title, relevant headings, and the article’s opening and closing paragraphs.

4. Visual Appeal with Copyright-Free Images

Enhance reader engagement with unique, copyright-free images, each under 30kb in size.

5. Harness Long-Tail Keywords Throughout

Seamlessly incorporate additional long-tail keywords throughout your article for maximum impact and discoverability.

6. Strategic Linking for Depth

Include one additional link to your own resources for every 500 extra words, offering readers deeper insights into the subject matter.

Submission Process Made Simple

To see your work featured on locantotech.com, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out with an ‘article-title pitch’ email or directly submit the fully formatted content.
  2. Submit your article in either Word document format or through Google Doc.
  3. Upon receiving your pitch, our editorial team will review and respond with a live link, improvement suggestions, or reasons for non-selection.

For all contribution-related correspondence, email us at contact@locantotech.com.

Your Journey Begins – Write to Locanto Tech!

Embark on this exciting opportunity to contribute exceptional content. Come, share your insights, and let your words resonate with a wider audience.

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