5 Toughest Courses in the World for Pune Students

In the life of a student, courses play a vital role. They depict the interest of the pupils for their further studies. Also, they can be meticulous, rigorous and hard. Furthermore, there are a variety of courses at different study levels. Every subject has its own significance as well as well as uniqueness. Since, Punekars love to crack difficult things, in this article, you will learn about the 5 toughest courses in the world. The data on the world’s hardest degrees in this article is from the study abroad consultants in Pune. Thus, let’s learn more about these in detail. As well as here you will learn how the difficulty level of courses is measured.

Vital Keys to Measure Difficulty Level of Courses

In this section, you will learn about various aspects that determine the difficulty level of a degree. Also, these criteria are crucial to know which is more tough to prepare for. Here are the vital pointers for measuring the difficulty of the toughest courses in the world.

Complexity of a Subject

The course covers the toughest subject with complex concepts as well as practical usage. Students must have a prior idea of advanced concepts and dive deep into the subject matter. Thus, this can have a vital influence on the level of course difficulty.

High Drop-Out Rates

Students often drop out of a course, indicating its level of difficulty. They usually drop out, when they struggle to keep up with the curriculum needs. For this, they can take advise from study abroad consultants in Pune as they are the experts in the field. However, when asked for their reasons, most dropouts claim the toughness of the syllabus. As well as they get a chance to pursue a better course.

Method of Teaching

Despite a vast syllabus, the teaching style at the colleges also affects a student’s learning. Lack of clarity in instruction as well as communication leads to hardship. Furthermore, it makes it difficult to learn a tough topic. Thus, this leads to the complexity of the course.

Moving ahead, let’s perceive a list of the most challenging courses globally as per the study abroad consultants in Pune to you know what are you pursuing.

Top 5 Toughest Courses in the World To Prepare

In this section, you will learn about the 5 hardest courses in the world as per study abroad consultants in Pune. Also, here you will know all the needed details about these degrees. So, let’s get started and explore the courses:

1. Medicine

Medicine is the world’s toughest course to study. Also, it is not an easy job for a student to learn the complex structures inside a human body. Here are some of the crucial criteria listed by the study abroad consultants in Pune that are must fulfil to opt for medicine.

Eligibility Criteria:

To apply for this course you must fulfil the following criteria.

  1. High school certificate or equivalent diploma.
  2. Primary work in Biology, English as well as other courses that meet the needs of the opted medical school.
  3. Also, a minimum GPA necessity is 3.3.
  4. Minimum IELTS as well as TOEFL results as per college guidelines.
  5. MCAT and UCAT exam scores must be more than or equal to the cut-off marks. Moreover, these cut-off marks are set by a specific university.

2. Engineering

Engineering is a program famous for crushing course burdens. It pushes scholars to their time-management as well as intelligence limits. Thus, this program is one of the toughest courses. The following are some of the vital criteria for opting for engineering.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. A broad general education with a higher secondary or equivalent certificate.
  2. English language, Science as well as Mathematics are a must.
  3. Also, admissions tests are based on the course and college you’re applying to.
  4. Moreover, SAT or ACT results are needed.
  5. Additionally, the student may need to submit GRE scores.

3. Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountancy is one of the most renowned as well as rewarding jobs. Also, it is one of the toughest courses in the world. The entrance exams for this course are meticulous. As well as these tests are made to analyse the students’ logical and numerical skills. The criteria required to choose this course are as follows.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. 50% marks minimum in their UG degree of 3 years or must have completed the CA/CS course.
  2. Also, 60% marks minimum for students from non-commerce backgrounds in their  UG or PG.
  3. Moreover, proof of your English language proficiency is a must.
  4. Furthermore, results of exams like the ICAI’s Foundation Course Exam in India and ACCA in the UK are vital.

4. Pharmacy

Opting for Pharmacy is famous among students, nowadays. Most of the pupils, who are interested in Chemistry as well as Biology, choose this course. Though, it is not as hard as medicine. Still, it is said to be one of the toughest courses. Here are some of the vital criteria needed to opt for Pharmacy.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. For A-level, subjects must include Chemistry as well as one other science subject. It can be Biology, Maths or Physics
  2. Moreover, you must have at least a C/4 GPA in subjects including English, Maths, and a science-based subject.
  3. Also, a higher level in Chemistry with a grade of 6 is needed to opt for this course.

5. Law

Choosing for Law needs skills like mental awareness, observational skills as well as patience. Also, it helps a nation’s government run its regime and control its functions. Thus, it ranks 5th among the hardest courses in the world. Therefore, many study abroad consultants in Pune consider law the toughest course to learn. The following are some criteria crucial for this degree.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. A high school or a diploma certificate equivalent to it is a must.
  2. At least a GPA of 4 or above in English and Math. Furthermore, in a few cases, a subject such as foreign speeches may also needed.
  3. Also, at least 3 A Levels with AAA or AAB grades, and in some cases, a least 1 A-level.
  4. Moreover, the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is partially compulsory.
  5. Also, a high English language efficiency score is a must for global students.


In conclusion, many more courses are hard to get into for students. In this article, you learned about the top 5 toughest courses in the world. Also, you came across the key aspects useful to measure a degree’s difficulty level. Moreover, the purpose of each course varies from the other. Also, the complexity of a subject, dropout rates as well as teaching methods vary for each degree. Thus, based on this a degree gets a rank in the list of hardest courses in the world. Therefore, a student must prepare as per the needs of the degree they applied for.

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