Best 5 AI CERTIFICATIONS: Elevate Your Career!

Artificial intelligence is breaking all bounds as it grows beyond the periphery of the global techies’ laboratories. With real-world use cases increasing at a staggering rate, no industries are left unimpacted by the AI revolution. If you wish to get your hands on the best offerings from the global institutions providing top AI certifications; it is essential to understand the ins and outs of the AI industry. As the global AI industry landscape surges beyond USD 184 billion in 2024 (Statista), it opens massive doors for high-rising career beginnings for the certified and the experienced. Let us talk about the 10 big names in the credentialing league worldwide.

1.Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC™)-USAII®

Becoming an AI consultant is an enrolment away with the world’s most trusted CAIC™ certification from the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute. USAII® is globally recognized by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence and is a proud member of ANSI.  They offer the most trusted and graded Artificial Intelligence certification and courses programs that offer holistic development of futuristic AI skills. they are committed to churning out skilled Artificial intelligence professionals to close the global skill gap. Benefit from the FREE eLearning study kit with speedster discounts, and hands-on videos with practice codes.

Locanto Tech

Cost: USD 787 (all inclusive)

Course Length: Anytime Anywhere, 4-25 weeks, 8-10 hours per week

Requirements: A self-paced program designed for Artificial intelligence professionals, seeking enhancement in AI skills, deploying data systems, troubleshooting tech applications, and diverse use cases.


It is an intensive program, crafted meticulously to delve into the depths of Generative AI technologies. It is delivered through live virtual online sessions, the course amplified theoretical learning sessions. It serves a broad audience, ranging from senior leaders to managers and professionals across various domains. The course encourages participation across sectors, providing immense value for those aiming to harness Generative AI to streamline workflows, drive product innovation, and enhance customer experience.


It targets the implications and practical applications of GenAI across organizational contexts. The course stresses hands-on action-based learning activities and assignments to emphasize real-world application.

Cost: USD 3125

Course Length: 3 weeks

Requirements: Experienced professionals with a few years of AI industry experience


The program consists of ten courses and a short research report on a specific application of ethical issues to Artificial intelligence. It is designed for professionals and graduate students to enhance ethical, legal, and policy issues and implications of developments in Artificial intelligence. It addresses the areas of impact including pharmaceutical, healthcare research and distribution, business application practices in data and finance, law enforcement, live and social media, and beyond. Its certificate assures that the achiever has a foundation in the basic principles of AI, well-versed in the latest developments in AI, and other ethical implications for society.

Cost: Depends on current registration status with the University

Course Length: 10 course units

Requirements: Graduates at the university or have earned a graduate business certificate program or bachelor’s degree


This is specifically designed for educators and recognizes competency in teaching AI on Jetson using a hands-on, project-based assessment and an interview with the NVIDIA team. Formal inclusion in a DLI-certified instructor program; has specific hardware requirements.

Cost: Free but for the Jetson Developer Kit you need to pay a fee starting at USD 500

Course Length: 4 hours

Requirements: A basic familiarity with Linux and Python is needed for aspirants to be on the program; along with teaching training experience


A beginner-friendly 10-course professional certificate series from IBM enables you to build generative AI-powered apps and chatbots using various programming frameworks and AI technologies.

Cost: Free enrolment, Certificate at USD 147

Course Length: 6 months

Requirements: Suitable for people with both technical and non-technical backgrounds; interested in a career in Artificial intelligence

Is getting certified a great option in 2024?

Indeed, a great opportunity it is! Getting certified with the best AI courses and certifications could be the beginning of a thriving AI career ahead. A credible world-trusted AI certification is a great revelation of futuristic AI skills, a bundle of perks and discounts, with specialized guidance from industry AI experts. Set your target at the most thriving career opening in 2024 with the best credentials gracing your portfolio. This is your time to take home a whopping salary structure as the AI salary stands at USD 162,512 per annum in the USA (Glassdoor). Other countries are also brimming with high-rise AI career opportunities that can be highly beneficial opportunities for you. Make your way up the ladder with the most authentic and trusted name in AI credentialing!

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