Best Education Courses to Study in Malta by Pune Experts

Want to be a teacher? Imagine opting for a country that is famous for its culture, landscape and more for study abroad. In addition, provides architectural sites, old buildings and many things to explore. It is Malta for Indian learners. It is the second safest nation in the world. Also, with time, its popularity has been boosted among them. Not enough reasons for you to study in Malta? Apart from all these, its education courses are popular worldwide. Because of this, study in Malta for Indian students, become the preferred choice for the teaching as well other fields.

Want to know why its educational courses are the best in the world? To help you out, here the Pune experts have stated the key causes of it. So, read the article below and get all your answers. 

Why Malta Has Best Education Courses?

Study courses in Malta are crafted to offer students the skills vital for them to become teachers. In addition, it helps them in learning several educational settings like higher studies. Also, study in Malta offers Indian aspirants a variety of study programs in PG, UG, and PhD. Moving forward, let’s know the reasons why Malta has the best education courses in the world.

  • The study syllabus of Malta meets with the needs of local people. It is because the syllabus is a combination of foreign universities.
  • The courses aim to develop skills like leadership, teamwork and more among students. For this, the teachers teach them pedagogical practices and theories. In addition, the experts tell them about the present research on study methods.
  • Apart from this, study courses there focus on the development of learning and teaching. It also covers things linked with the growth of students, their learning and more.
  • The courses try to develop skills among students vital for their careers. Also, their study system focuses on the professional growth of teachers.
  • In simple words, the study courses of Malta offer lifelong learning and growth. It further providesstudents with chances like part-time jobs, research programs and more.

These are the reasons that make the education courses of Malta unique from others. With learning, they offer students personal growth and skills that last a lifetime. Also, create one of the points to study in Malta for Indian students. Moving forward, let’s know its top study courses and university.

Top Education Courses to Study in Malta With Universities

Below mentioned are the top study courses with colleges for Indian students:

UniversityEducation Courses
University of Malta
  • Bachelor of Education
  • PG Diploma in Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Masters of Art in Education
  • PG Certificate in Education
  • Masters of Education
  • Doctor of Education
Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)
  • Diploma in Education and Training
  • Certificate in Education Studies
European Graduate School in Saas-Fee Switzerland (Provided in Malta)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education

These are some of the famous courses that students opt to study in Malta. Moving forward, let’s read about the cost of study courses in Malta.

Cost of Education Courses in Malta

The cost of education courses relies on the level of study and college students opted for study. For UG courses in Malta, they pay around €7500 – €15000 per year. In contrast to this, for PG courses, the price is between €2500 – €15000 per year. In addition to this, many colleges offer scholarships to them. It further helps them in declining their study costs and finances.

Apart from this, the living cost of Malta is fair and offers a good lifestyle. The living price for a one-bedroom flat monthly is around €600 – €900. Also, the monthly spending on groceries is between €200 – €300 for a single person. Other services like electricity, water and more cost around €150 – €100 per month. In short, all the prices are fair to study in Malta for Indian students.

Moreover, let’s read about the several scholarships Malta offers to Indian students.

Scholarships Available for Study in Malta

These below-mentioned are the scholarships Malta offers to Indian as well as abroad students:

Maximpact Education Scholarship

These scholarships are for study degrees and diplomas. Also available for related areas at higher study colleges. These are available for all students, whether they are local or foreign. In addition, given to them on the basis of their financial need and study skills. 

Malta Government Scholarships for PG Courses

As per its name, these scholarships are for those who are doing PG courses in Malta in the education field. MCAST and Malta University offer these to learners. So, whether you are local or from another country, you can apply for this scholarship.

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology Scholarship (MCAST)

The college offers scholarships in several study courses to all students. Considering the study skills, finance and other criteria, learners can apply for these. Also, study in Malta at this university offers the chance to learn critical thinking. 

The Malta Society of Art Scholarships

The college offers several scholarships to students who are studying arts. These are available for both local and foreign learners. In addition, on the basis of academic skills and finance, one can get these.

PwC Educational Foundation Malta Scholarship

Every year, the UG and PG students get these scholarships. Generally, those who have financial issues and good marks in their studies have more chances to get these.

These are the famous scholarships that Malta colleges offer to students. In addition, getting these offers them lots of perks. It helps them in managing their finance while fulfilling their study dream. Also, for advice on these, you can get aid from education consultants Pune.


Study courses in Malta offer students the chance to make their career in the education field. In addition, it makes them ready with skills vital for teaching. Also, part-time jobs in teaching provide practical experience to learners. In short, the study programs of Malta are the best for students who want to be teachers. Moreover, if you need more details about it, you can take the help of education consultants Pune. The experts there provide you with complete information and solve all your doubts.

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