Best General Maintenance Contractors in Dubai 2024


Dubai, UAE, famed for its towering buildings and luxury lifestyle, relies significantly on the efficiency and ability of general maintenance contractors to keep its infrastructure in good shape.  

We present five major maintenance contractors in the region, highlighting their services and contributions to the city’s iconic position. 

Northern Technical LLC 

Northern Technical LLC distinguishes out for providing complete maintenance solutions for both residential and commercial premises. They specialize in high-quality service delivery, including everything from electrical and plumbing maintenance to HVAC systems and building repairs.  

Their commitment to excellence guarantees that their clients have as little downtime as possible while maintaining optimal operational efficiency. 

AKT Cleaning Services and Maintenance 

AKT Cleaning Services and Maintenance provides a wide range of maintenance services, such as thorough cleaning, basic maintenance, and specialty repair activities.  

AKT is known for its dependability and attention to detail, ensuring that both public and private places are clean, practical, and visually beautiful. Their expert personnel employ cutting-edge equipment to provide exceptional service. 

Drake & Scull International LLC Abu Dhabi 

Drake & Scull International LLC Abu Dhabi is a significant participant in the maintenance industry, providing innovative and sustainable solutions. Their competence is diverse, encompassing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, as well as civil maintenance.  

They contribute to the preservation of some of Dubai’s most renowned properties by prioritizing sustainability and efficiency. 

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Pacific International Building Materials 

Pacific International Building Materials specializes in delivering building maintenance services that address both structural and cosmetic concerns.  

Their services include façade cleaning, waterproofing, and building repair, which ensure the longevity and durability of structures. Their competent personnel and use of high-quality materials make them a popular choice among Dubai home owners. 

Shield Trading & Contracting Establishment 

Shield Trading & Contracting Establishment provides a variety of general maintenance services with an emphasis on quality and client satisfaction.  

From modest repairs to massive upgrades, they tackle every work with expertise and efficiency. Their broad service options ensure that customers get the finest solutions for their maintenance needs. 


At last, general maintenance contractors in Dubai play an important part in keeping the city a popular destination for both inhabitants and visitors. By hiring the correct contractor, you can keep your property in good shape, increasing its value and appeal. 

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