Best Tips for Ironing EE® Shorts

Ironing EE® shorts, known for their quality and comfort, requires meticulous attention to detail to maintain their impeccable appearance. As experts in fabric care, we have compiled an extensive guide to help you achieve perfectly ironed shorts every time. Follow these detailed steps and tips to ensure your EE® shorts look their best, whether you’re preparing for a casual day out or a more formal occasion.

Understanding the Fabric of EE® Shorts

EE® shorts are crafted from a blend of high-quality fabrics, often including cotton, polyester, and elastane. Each fabric has its unique ironing needs:

  • Cotton: Requires a higher heat setting.
  • Polyester: Needs a lower heat setting to avoid melting.
  • Elastane: Stretchy fabric that should be ironed with caution.

Understanding the composition of your EE® shorts is the first step towards effective ironing. Always check the care label for specific fabric content and recommended ironing temperatures.

Preparation Before Ironing

Clean and Dry Shorts

Eric Emanuel shorts are clean and completely dry before ironing. Dirt and stains can set in with the heat, making them difficult to remove later. If the shorts are damp, the heat can cause water stains.

Set Up Your Ironing Station

  • Ironing Board: Use a padded ironing board for best results. The padding ensures a smooth surface and prevents imprints from the board’s structure.
  • Iron: A steam iron is ideal as it helps to remove wrinkles more efficiently.
  • Water Spray Bottle: Useful for tackling stubborn wrinkles.
  • Press Cloth: To protect delicate fabrics.

Temperature Settings

Adjust the iron temperature according to the fabric composition. For EE® shorts, a medium to high setting is usually appropriate. Use the following as a guide:

  • Cotton: High heat with steam.
  • Polyester: Low to medium heat with steam.
  • Elastane: Low heat, preferably with a press cloth.

Step-by-Step Ironing Guide

1. Ironing the Waistband and Pockets

Start with the waistband and pockets to ensure they lie flat:

  • Turn the shorts inside out.
  • Lay the waistband flat on the ironing board.
  • Iron the waistband, moving the iron steadily to avoid scorching.
  • For pockets, place a press cloth over them and iron to avoid creating creases.

2. Ironing the Legs

Lay one leg of the shorts flat on the ironing board. Follow these steps for each leg:

  • Smooth the Fabric: Use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Iron from Top to Bottom: Start at the top of the leg and work your way down in long, straight strokes.
  • Steam for Stubborn Wrinkles: Use the steam function or a spray bottle for persistent wrinkles.

3. Ironing the Crotch Area

The crotch area can be tricky due to the seams and curves:

  • Turn the shorts right side out.
  • Use the narrow end of the ironing board.
  • Iron the area gently, ensuring not to stretch the fabric.

4. Final Touches

  • Inspect for Missed Wrinkles: Hold the shorts up to check for any wrinkles you may have missed.
  • Re-iron if Necessary: Lay the shorts back down and iron any areas that need touch-ups.
  • Hang Immediately: To maintain the crispness, hang the shorts on a hanger right after ironing.

Pro Tips for Maintaining EE® Shorts

Using Fabric Softener

When washing, use a fabric softener to keep the shorts soft and reduce static cling, which can help in ironing.

Storing Properly

Store the shorts properly folded or hung to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Avoid overcrowding in the closet to maintain the shorts’ shape.

Regular Maintenance

Iron the shorts regularly even if they are not visibly wrinkled. This habit helps in keeping them in pristine condition and reduces the time needed for each ironing session.

Traveling Tips

When traveling, roll your EE® shorts instead of folding them to minimize wrinkles. Use a garment bag for added protection.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Using the Wrong Heat Setting

Using a heat setting that is too high can damage the fabric, while too low may not effectively remove wrinkles. Always adhere to the care label instructions.

Ironing Over Stains

Ironing over stains can set them permanently into the fabric. Ensure the shorts are clean before ironing.

Ignoring the Pockets

Pockets can create bulkiness and uneven surfaces if not ironed properly. Always smooth out and iron pockets carefully.


By following these comprehensive steps and tips, you can ensure your EE® shorts remain in excellent condition and free of wrinkles. Proper ironing not only enhances the appearance of your shorts but also extends their lifespan, maintaining their quality and comfort for years to come. For further information on maintaining your wardrobe and other fabric care tips, visit our blog regularly. Read more

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