Can an average student bag the first rank in government exams?

The question “Can an average student score the first rank in the government exams?” has troubled so many candidates. Well, the exact answer is yes as sincerity, dedication, and the right guidance can turn the impossible into the possible. 

So many Indians dream of securing well-reputed jobs in the government sectors to bag a huge list of privileges along with an excellent salary package. But for this, they have to undergo a series of tests that are conducted in a very strict procedure. 

However, as mentioned above, sincerity, dedication, and the right guidance can help you make a way to success in the exams, no matter how tough the exams are. 

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Tips for an average student to bag the first rank in government exams:

The importance of sincerity 

Sincerity has a huge importance when it comes to transforming big dreams into reality. Yes, sincerity is something that can lead you to the right guidance and the right sources. Also, you need sheer sincerity to study profoundly for the exams, and remember that if you lack sincerity, then, even the right guidance can’t help you. 

A sincere student who follows excellent time management can make a way to incredible success in the exams. 


Nothing can help you in acing the exam if you aren’t disciplined. Make sure to adhere to the commitments you have made. To be disciplined, you have to manage to follow a perfect sleep pattern that lets you wake up right at 6:00 a.m. Also, restrict yourself from overusing smartphones. 

Meditation is an excellent trick to practice self-control and get rid of addictions quickly. Thus, try to make regular meditation a part of your life and live your life to the fullest. 

Study  with the right guidance 

Studying the books is crucial but studying the right books is going to change the game. Yes, many students believe in the power of studying but forget that the right source to study also matters a lot. Hence, it is important for the students to access the right source where they can access the right information. 

Before you start studying, make sure to have a profound understanding of the basic steps that you have to take in order to ace the exams. 

Mock tests 

The regular practice of the mock tests is of the utmost importance when you are prepping for the exams. Understand that many government or competitive exams are conducted in objective-type question-answer formats and to attempt questions in this format successfully, you must polish your skills to think quickly under the pressure of time and also, improve your efficiency in time management. 

Family time 

As a government exam aspirant, you might be looking for various tips and tricks to improve your proficiency in the exam prep. Sometimes, they also plan to reduce their family time in order to have more time to study excellently for the exams. By doing so, they are just reducing the level of positive energy. Yes, your family is the source from where you can receive positive energy and peace of mind. Therefore, if you plan to cut the time that you spend with your loved ones, please avoid it.

A healthy approach 

A healthy approach is essential to keep yourself working in the right direction. According to you, what does a healthy approach involve? For sure, you will say eating a healthy diet and following a healthy lifestyle when studying for the exams. This is exactly true and in addition to this, make sure to spend some time for self-care as well. 

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Bagging the first rank in the government exams is possible with sheer sincerity and dedication. Along with that, you will also need the right guidance delivered from those who have profound experience in government exams.

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