Can you change flight dates with the basic economy?

Flight flexibility is limited on British Airways base rate flights. In case of flight cancellation, the airline does not refund passengers, and they must follow all these conditions.

Base fare flights are suitable for budget tourists. These flights are cheap because they offer no extras. Thus, basic fare flights only cover travel costs. You must pay extra for checked bags, inflight meals, and other travel services.

Base trips are sold on budget, hence the airline does not offer flight modifications. Although you can change your flight dates, it costs a lot.

Base-fare flight benefits.

Lower cost:

Base price flights are the cheapest for budget travellers. Thus, meeting diverse passenger travel needs for global destinations.


Base cost flights have simple booing and no-frills policies.

Possible upgrades:

You must pay extra for checked bags, seat selection, meals, and other inflight services. Thus, basic fare flights do not include such things.

Earn miles:

Frequent flyers get miles or pints on base rate flights, but modest.

Fixed itineraries:

Base fare flights have set routes. This makes it perfect for people with fixed trip plans and no flexibility.

Base fare flight drawbacks.

Few inclusions:

No extras are included on base rate British Airways Business Class flights. Special services cost extra even for standard flying amenities.

Limited flexibility:

Bae price flights have rigorous cancellation, alteration, and refund policies. These tickets are non-refundable, therefore altering flight dates is expensive. Flight dates cannot be changed for free.

Lower Boarding Priority:

The base fare passengers have lower boarding priority. Since they board the plane last, there are less overhead storage cabin and seating alternatives.

Fixed seat assignments:

Basic economy passengers cannot choose seats. Therefore, they must sit in their airline-assigned seats during check-in.

No upgrades:

Travel class upgrades are not available on base rate tickets, just like seat changes and flight changes.

How to modify flight dates?

Follow these steps to modify BA base flight dates.

  1. Reach out to the airline department.
  2. Learn about flight date change eligibility and fees.
  3. Seek professional assistance from airline representatives or use the official website or mobile app for flight date changes.
  4. Enter flight details (PNR and last name) for your booked flight.
  5. Update the ‘Manage my Booking’ section as needed.
  6. Review the modifications.
  7. Pay the fare difference or applicable fees.
  8. Confirm.

The airline will confirm your flight details via email.

That’s how to modify British Airways premium economy or basic economy flight dates.

Basic Economy tickets’ flight date change policies differ per airline. Basic Economy tickets are more restrictive than ordinary economy tickets and may require additional payments for modifications.

General Basic Economy ticket and change considerations:

Basic Economy tickets have seat restrictions, and the airline may assign you a seat at check-in. Other ticket features lack flexibility.

Change Fees: Basic Economy tickets have stricter change procedures, and changing travel dates may cost more. Sometimes adjustments are prohibited.

Basic Economy tickets are rarely refundable. Travel date adjustments rarely result in refunds

Basic Economy passengers usually have a lower boarding priority than ordinary economy passengers.

Steps to Check Change Options:

Visit the Airline’s Website:

Visit your Basic Economy airline’s website.

Log In to Your Account:

Sign in to the airline’s website with your credentials.

Go to “Manage My Booking”

Visit “Manage My Booking” or a similar section.

Retrieve Your Booking:

To retrieve your booking, enter your reference number and last name.

Review Change Options:

Check your booking for travel date adjustments. The website should list prices and change procedures.

Contact Customer Service (If Needed):

For queries or difficulties, contact the airline’s customer service. They can help explain Basic Economy ticket changing policies.

This is general information, and airline policies may differ. Always read your Basic Economy ticket’s terms and the airline’s restrictions. If you’re unsure, call the airline for the most current information.

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