Best Beach for Candlelight Dinner for Couples in North Goa

Goa! is a beautiful & romantic beach state in India that welcomes every traveler and offers them various things to do in Goa. This tiny state is also known as the party capital and the best honeymoon destination, which makes Goa the best place for young people and couples.

If you are a lovebird and planning a getaway to Goa, then there are many things to enjoy. Such as candlelight dinners, spending quality time over the beaches, enjoying nature and waterfalls, etc. So if you are in Goa and want to enjoy the best dining experience and want to know which is the best beach for candlelight dinners for couples in North Goa, then this is the perfect blog to explore one.

Which is the best beach in North Goa to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your partner?

Beaches are the heartbeat of Goa, and on various beaches, travelers can enjoy various activities, including candlelight dinners. Such as Baga, Anjuna, Calangute, and more. But when it comes to the best beach for candlelight dinners for couples in North Goa, you must try to enjoy your dining at Vagator Beach.

Let’s discuss the reasons why this beach in Goa is the perfect place to experience the candlelight dinner for love birds.

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Reasons to have dinner near the Vagator Beach

1. Breathtaking sunset:

Vagator Beach is known for its stunning lacation, which sets the romantic tranquility for couples, which makes it an ideal beach for a light dinner in North Goa. This beach also offers a picturesque view of the sunset, which makes the environment calm and adds a romantic tone to the evening.

Here you can enjoy your meal with your partner while enjoying the skies turning pink and orange, which glam your dinner with remarkable scenery.

2. Serene Ambiance:

The Beach Vagator is surrounded by palm trees and lush green hills, which create a peaceful and romantic environment for couples. Apart from this, the sound of waves gently lapping against the seashores sets a tranquility and offers couples a relaxing and ideal place for a candlelight dinner in North Goa.

3. Soft Sandy Beach:

Vagator Beach is known for its soft and white sand, which is the best option for comfortable and intimate sitting. If you want to enjoy the natural setting, then you can directly sit near the beach on the sand; otherwise, you can choose any restaurant nearby.

4. Delicious Seafood:

There are many restaurants and resorts in Vagator Goa that offer a vast variety of mouth-watering sea and normal food. If you like to eat seafood, then you must try fish, lobster, prawns, and many more. Along with this, you can enjoy vegetarian food and refreshing drinks with your partner.

5. Romantic Setup:

When you are on this beach in Goa, you will find plenty of restaurants and resorts in North Goa near Vagator that arrange candlelight dinners for couples. They offer a complete flower, candle, and personalized setup to their guests. You can request that they arrange a private dinner on the beach to cherish your trip with romantic memories and enjoy a lovely dinner.

Summing it up:

It is a perfect blog for those lovebirds who are setting up a romantic getaway to Goa and seeking the best beach for candlelight dinners for couples in North Goa. In this post, we mentioned one of the best beaches for candlelight dinners, named Vagator. Additionally, we also mention the reasons to have dinner there.

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