The UK attracts many Pune students to study abroad. This is because the UK has one of the best education systems, with degree courses and some shorter courses. However, to study these courses, students have to apply for a UK study visa. The process of getting a student visa is not easy. Many students who plan to study abroad by themselves are stuck in this process.

However, many students in Pune take guidance from education consultants in Pune to get a student visa. This is because of the process and different kinds of visas available.

So, in this article let’s talk about the types of UK study visa best for students, the process and the requirements to get the visa.

What Are The Types Of UK Student Visa And Their Fees

Countries like the USA, NZ, or Canada have different types of student visas. These are given to students based on their course of study. The UK offers 4 types of student visas. However, it is difficult for students to select the best study visa to apply for. So, let’s learn about all types of student visas and their differences.

Student visa

It is also called tear 4 (general) student visa. Students who want to study abroad in the UK need to apply for a student visa in advance. Students who are 18+ and want to study courses of more than 6 months in the UK can apply for this visa. However, students who apply for this visa need to pay £490 as visa fees and additional charges between £776 to £1,035 as health insurance as it is a part of the application process.

Child student visa

It is a type of student visa also called a tear 4 (child) student visa. Students who are 4 to 17 years old can apply for this visa. However, students must have the consent of their parents and have to pay £490 and an extra charge between £776 to £1,035 for health insurance as it is a part of the application process. In return, students under the age of 16 can stay for the entire course length up to 6 years and an additional 4 months as an award. Similarly, students aged 16 or 17 can stay for a course length of up to 3 years and 4 months extra. In addition, students of age 16 and 17 can also work part time for 10 hours per week on this visa.

Study English in the UK (Short term study visa)

The UK offers short-term courses to help students make a good life. The duration of these types of courses is only 6 to 11 months. So, students who wish to study a short course like English language in the UK can apply for this type of visa. Students can stay for 30 days extra after completing the course. However, students have to pay £200 as visa fees and £776 extra for health insurance as it is a part of the process.

Note- Students can not work part-time in the UK on this student visa.

Visit the UK as a standard visitor

If a person wants to visit the UK for business, study or any other activity and has to stay there for 6 months can apply for this visa. People have to apply for a visa 3 months earlier to get one and have to pay £115 as a visa fee.

What Are The UK Student Visa Requirements

Students who plan to study in the UK have to submit many supporting papers with visa applications for verification purposes. However, it is not easy to arrange all the papers on their own. So, education consultants in Pune have made a list of all the necessary papers that are important to get a visa.

  1. A valid passport– A passport is a national ID card for people who want to relocate to another country. If you are applying for a visa, you must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  2. Acceptance letter– This is an official letter that students get from the institute. This letter is a confirmation that you are enrolled in the institute.
  3. Health certificate– You can get it from any medical officer. You need a health certificate because it has information about your health and biometrics.
  4. Proof of enough funds– Studying abroad is way too expensive. So, students have to show that they have enough funds to complete their education abroad.
  5. Language proficiency test– The UK is an English speaking nation. So, students have to give and score well on English language tests like IELTS or PTE to get a UK study visa.
  6. Proof of accommodation– Students have to show that they have arranged a place to live in the country.
  7. A valid ATAS– ATAS is a scheme of the UK government. It allows students to study in the UK. Students must have a confirmation form from ATAS to study in the UK for higher education.

How Long Will It Take To Get A UK Study Visa?

It takes a lot of time to get a student visa for the UK. This is because it involves a long process to apply for a visa. Students first have to apply for a course at a known college and then wait for an acceptance letter from that institute. However, after getting the acceptance letter, students have to start arranging all the necessary documents and apply for a relevant study visa by filling out the application form. Students can get the application form online or at the UK embassy.

However, students should apply for a visa 3 months before the course starts. This is because it takes time for verification as well.

After all this process students can get their visa within 3 weeks.

Final Thought

Students in Pune who plan to study in the UK should get guidance from experts on how to get a student visa. This is because there are different types of student visas that the UK government offers to students to study on their land. However, it makes it confusing for students to decide on the best visa for them. However, an education expert knows the difference between each visa. They guide students with the best student visa according to their course. Additionally, experts also help students in the UK study visa process. Experts guide the students in arranging all necessary papers and making a strong SOP.

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