Discover “Fashionz by Danube” Living Amenities & Facilities

The exquisiteness of architecture and the class of lifestyle offered by Danube Properties are unmatched. With the launch of their flagship residential development, “Fashionz,” they’ve set a new standard for luxury living. Nestled in the heart of the city, Fashionz boasts a plethora of amenities and facilities that cater to every facet of modern, sophisticated living. Let’s delve into the distinctive features and luxurious amenities that make Fashionz an incredible place to call home.

Embrace Healthy Living: Swimming Pool and Gym

At Fashionz by Danube, the commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle is evident in the thoughtfully designed amenities. The expansive, Olympic-sized swimming pool serves as the centrepiece of this pursuit. Enclosed by a sleek deck lined with comfortable lounge chairs, the pool area presents an inviting atmosphere for residents to unwind and stay fit.

Adjacent to the pool is the state-of-the-art gym, equipped with the latest fitness machines and dedicated spaces for yoga and other group exercises. The gym is staffed with professional trainers who provide personalised workout plans to meet your unique fitness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just embarking on your fitness journey, the facilities at Fashionz will empower you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy Outdoor Living: BBQ, Balcony, and Rooftop

Outdoor living has been embraced and enhanced at Fashionz, with every space thoughtfully designed to blend comfort, convenience, and style. The BBQ area is the perfect place to host family gatherings or socialize with fellow residents. With well-maintained grills and comfortable seating, you can enjoy home-cooked meals in the great outdoors.

Every apartment in Fashionz comes with a spacious balcony, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape. These personal outdoor spaces are perfect for savoring a cup of morning coffee or enjoying a sunset dinner. For a more immersive outdoor experience, residents can head up to the communal rooftop. Equipped with comfortable seating and beautiful greenery, it’s a serene place to relax, catch up on some reading, or even stargazing.

Relax and Rejuvenate: Health Club and Sauna

In today’s fast-paced world, taking time to relax and rejuvenate is essential. Fashionz provides residents with several wellness-focused amenities, including a fully-equipped health club and a luxurious sauna. The health club offers a range of wellness programs designed to help residents unwind and recharge. From meditative yoga classes to invigorating aerobics sessions, the club creates an environment that fosters physical and mental well-being.

The sauna, with its soothing ambiance, serves as the perfect place to relieve stress and rejuvenate. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or an intense workout session, a few minutes in the sauna will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Family-Friendly Features: Kids Playing Area and Toddler Splash Pad

Understanding the needs of families, Fashionz offers a range of child-friendly amenities. The kids’ playing area, designed with safety and fun in mind, is stocked with a variety of games and activities to keep the little ones engaged and entertained. Parents can rest assured knowing their children are playing in a safe, controlled environment.

Adjacent to the children’s play area is the toddler splash pad – a delightful water playground. During the summer months, the splash pad is a favourite among kids, offering a safe and fun way to cool off. Parents can relax nearby, knowing their children are enjoying themselves in a secure and monitored environment.

Luxurious Extras: Beauty Salon, Open Air Cinema, and Wellness Center

Fashionz is not just a place to live – it’s a lifestyle destination. The in-house beauty salon offers a range of services from professional stylists and beauticians. Whether you need a quick haircut or a full day of pampering, the salon is equipped to meet your beauty needs.

Another extraordinary feature is the open-air cinema. Providing a unique entertainment experience, the cinema screens a variety of films under the stars, complete with comfortable seating and top-notch audio-visual technology.

The wellness center, equipped with a spa, offers various treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Expert therapists offer services like massages, facials, and other body treatments that help you unwind and destress.

Exceptional Facilities: Business Center, Sports Training Center, and Padel Tennis

For those who work from home or are in constant pursuit of business opportunities, Fashionz offers a fully-equipped business center. This space provides all the necessary facilities, including high-speed internet, conference rooms, and administrative services.

The sports training center is a haven for sports enthusiasts. With facilities for sports like basketball, soccer, and more, the center is perfect for honing your skills or simply enjoying a game with friends.

One of the standout features is the Padel tennis court. As an increasingly popular sport, having access to a padel tennis court within your residential complex is a true luxury. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner looking to learn, this facility provides an excellent opportunity to play and enjoy this exciting sport.

An Oasis of Calm: Garden and Anti-Current Pool

Fashionz by Danube Properties is not just a home; it’s a sanctuary where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beautifully landscaped garden offers a tranquil space where you can unwind, read a book, or enjoy a stroll amidst lush greenery.

To further enhance your outdoor living experience, Fashionz boasts an anti-current pool. This distinctive feature offers a unique swimming experience that not only promotes fitness but also serves as a therapeutic activity. With the resistance of the water currents, you can swim ‘against the tide’ for a relaxing yet invigorating workout.

In conclusion, Fashionz by Danube Properties represents a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Its impressive array of amenities caters to a wide range of needs, preferences, and lifestyles, ensuring every resident experiences a fulfilling and luxurious living experience. With all these exceptional features and facilities, Fashionz is indeed setting a new benchmark for modern residential living.


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