Do Dham Yatra By Charter

The Do Dham Yatra involves visiting two of the most significant temples in the Chardham circuit, typically Kedarnath and Badrinath. Undertaking this pilgrimage by charter helicopter offers a convenient and time-efficient way to experience these sacred sites. Here’s a detailed guide:

### Highlights of Do Dham Yatra by Charter
1. **Time-Efficient**: Complete the pilgrimage in just 1-2 days instead of the usual 5-7 days by road.
2. **Comfort and Convenience**: Avoid long drives and difficult trekking paths.
3. **Aerial Views**: Enjoy stunning aerial views of the Himalayas and surrounding landscapes.
4. **VIP Darshan**: Many packages include priority entry at the temples, minimizing waiting time.

### Itinerary Overview
A typical itinerary for the Do Dham Yatra by charter might look like this:

#### Day 1: Dehradun to Kedarnath and Badrinath
– **Departure**: Early morning departure from Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun.
– **Kedarnath**:
– **Arrival**: Arrive at Phata/Guptkashi Helipad.
– **Shuttle Service**: Transfer to Kedarnath Helipad.
– **Activities**: Visit Kedarnath Temple for darshan. Explore the temple surroundings.
– **Return**: Return to Phata/Guptkashi Helipad by shuttle.

– **Badrinath**:
– **Departure**: Fly from Phata/Guptkashi Helipad to Badrinath Helipad.
– **Arrival**: Arrive at Badrinath.
– **Activities**: Visit Badrinath Temple for darshan. Optional visit to Mana Village, the last village before the India-China border.
– **Return**: Return to Badrinath Helipad.

– **Return to Dehradun**: Fly back to Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun by evening.

#### Optional Day 2 (if chosen for a more relaxed itinerary):
– **Overnight Stay**: Stay at a hotel in Badrinath or Guptkashi.
– **Morning Activities**: Additional darshan or local sightseeing.
– **Departure**: Fly back to Dehradun after breakfast or early morning activities.

### Inclusions
– **Helicopter Flights**: All helicopter transfers as per the itinerary.
– **Accommodation**: Hotel stay if opting for an overnight itinerary.
– **Meals**: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner if overnight stay is included.
– **Transport**: Local transportation for temple visits and sightseeing.
– **Guides**: Assistance from experienced guides during the pilgrimage.
– **VIP Darshan**: Priority entry at the temples.

### Things to Consider
– **Weather Conditions**: Helicopter services are weather-dependent, so flexibility in scheduling is necessary.
– **Fitness**: While helicopter travel minimizes physical strain, some walking may still be required.
– **Advance Booking**: High demand, especially during peak seasons, necessitates early booking.
– **Travel Insurance**: Recommended to cover helicopter travel and potential cancellations.

### Popular Charter Service Providers
– **Heritage Aviation**
– **Pawan Hans**
– **Aryan Aviation**
– **Trans Bharat Aviation**

### Cost
The cost for the Do Dham Yatra by charter helicopter varies based on the service provider, package details, and season. It generally ranges from INR 80,000 to 1.5 lakh per person.

### Sample Itinerary
#### Single Day Itinerary
– **05:00 AM**: Departure from Dehradun (Sahastradhara Helipad).
– **06:00 AM**: Arrival at Guptkashi/Phata Helipad. Shuttle to Kedarnath.
– **07:00 AM**: Kedarnath Temple darshan.
– **10:00 AM**: Departure from Kedarnath to Badrinath.
– **11:00 AM**: Arrival at Badrinath Helipad.
– **12:00 PM**: Badrinath Temple darshan.
– **03:00 PM**: Explore Mana Village (optional).
– **04:00 PM**: Return to Badrinath Helipad.
– **05:00 PM**: Departure to Dehradun.
– **06:00 PM**: Arrival at Dehradun.

#### Two-Day Itinerary (Optional Overnight Stay)
– **Day 1**: Follow the single-day itinerary until Badrinath darshan.
– **Evening**: Overnight stay at a hotel in Badrinath or nearby.
– **Day 2**: Morning temple visit or local sightseeing.
– **10:00 AM**: Departure to Dehradun.
– **11:00 AM**: Arrival at Dehradun.

Opting for the Do Dham Yatra by charter helicopter is a great way to experience these holy sites with ease, comfort, and in a significantly reduced timeframe.

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