Easy Methods to Fix QuickBooks Desktop crashes when opening company file

Did you experience ‘QuickBooks Desktop crashes when opening company file’? We understand it can be frustrating and upsetting if it happens repeatedly, but we have solutions to fix it.

‘QB Crashing When Opening’ error arises when you want to access QuickBooks, but it crashes instead. As a downside, you cannot work in QuickBooks for now because the error is not fixed. All your financial work in QuickBooks will be on hold until you fix it, costing you resources. Read the blog until the end to eliminate QuickBooks Desktop crashes when opening company file. Here, we have also mentioned the reasons behind the occurrence of it, knowing it will keep you ahead of it. 

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Causes of QuickBooks Desktop Crashing When Opening 

Knowing the cause should be your priority if you want to resolve the error. Here is the list of frequent causes that are causing ‘QuickBooks Desktop Crashes.’

  • There is an issue with the installation files of the QuickBooks desktop.
  • The company files have some damage or corruption. 
  • Using the older version of the QuickBooks is also a reason which makes QB crash.

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Effective Solutions to Rectify QuickBooks Desktop Crashes

Use the solutions listed below carefully until the ‘QuickBooks Desktop Crashing When Opening’ is resolved. 

Troubleshooting Solution 1: Use the Quick Fix My Program 

  • Download and install the QuickBooks tool hub program.
  • You need to go to Intuit’s official website and then click on the download option for the QB tool hub. But also make sure to download the latest version of it, which is denoted by
  • On downloads, if you are prompted to save the files, then choose to save them on the system where it is easy to fetch them. We recommend saving it on the Windows desktop; otherwise, you can also opt for the downloads folder on the system.
  • Now, it is your turn to install the program on your system, and it involves you agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program. 
  • You can proceed with troubleshooting using it once the installs are successfully downloaded. 
  • Double-click to launch the program and then choose the Program Problems tab.
  • Now, from the available new option, select Quick Fix My Program. 

Let the tool finish the troubleshooting, and we suggest you wait till the time process is ongoing. 

Troubleshooting Solution 2: Repair Company File 

Any common issue in the QuickBooks company file will be fixed using the following method:

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub program, and you can choose to search for the same 
  • Then click on the Company file issues.
  • Now choose the option Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Select the company file that needs to be repaired.
  • Now, enter the password and then hit Next.

Allow the troubleshooting to run, and then reboot your PC once. Now, attempt to open the company file and work on it. If you observe the error, update the QB using an older version.

Summing up!!

Hopefully, you could utilize these methods to resolve QuickBooks Crashing When Opening; we are glad to be of help. But if the error persists, we can help you eliminate it. Dial 855-955-1942 and contact our brilliant QB Helpline team to get rid of it and get back on track instantly.

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