Everyone is in love with gemstones. Blue, green, red, or any of the colors that come to your mind, stones are defined by their unique color. Emerald stone is one such precious stone loved for its vibrant color. However, the  original panna stone price varies significantly, but its fascination remains the same.

Adhering to the astrological benefits and significance of the stone, one can emerald buy online in India at suitable prices. 

Factors Impacting the Price of Panna Stone Online

  • The Enchanting Green: Selecting the Right Color

When purchasing an emerald, the color is a critical factor to consider. These precious stones come in various green hues, from pure green to bluish-green and yellowish-green. Whether for astrological purposes or as versatile everyday wear jewelry, the color should align with your preferences. 

Vibrant green with moderate tone and high saturation is ideal, as per Vedic astrology. Which emerald color is expensive? The natural emerald stone price depends upon the hue, tone, and saturation of the gem. The bluish-green hue with high saturation and medium tone is considered the best color, thus adding value to the gemstone.  

  • The Clarity Factor: Evaluating Inclusions

Clarity is all about the absence of inclusions or blemishes in the stone. ‘Jardin’ inclusions, resembling moss-like foliage, are common in these green-hued stones. These gemstones typically fall under ‘type 3’ due to their inclusions.

In the market, enhanced or treated emeralds are available. The process of enhancement improves the stone’s color, clarity, and durability. Still, there is a significant difference in the price. 

  •  The Cut That Sparkles 

The cut of an emerald is crucial for its overall appearance. Traditional shapes like oval, round, and cushion are popular, but the ’emerald cut’ stands out as a top choice. With its 57 facets and elongated rectangular shape, this cut accentuates the stone’s color and clarity, making it perfect for engagement and wedding rings. The cost of the original emerald stone is, however, high if it is perfectly faceted, showing its sparkle and shine. 

  •  Sizing It Right: Carats Matter

The size of an emerald is measured in carats, directly affecting the price. Larger stones come at a premium, but they must also possess exquisite green color and high clarity to be truly valuable. A smaller stone with impeccable color and clarity can be more desirable than a larger one with flaws.

The emerald green stone price per carat depends upon the size of the stone.  

  • Origin Matters: Colombian, Zambian, or Brazilian?

Panna Ratna’s quality depends on its origin. Colombian Panna stones are prized for their splendid green color and high clarity. At the same time, Zambian emeralds may have a subtle blue overtone. Brazilian emeralds might exhibit a yellowish tint alongside their green hue. Colombian emerald stone prices are higher per carat due to their exceptional quality.

  • Certification for Confidence

It is advisable to buy certified emerald stone. Gem laboratories like GIA or IGI provide authentication and comprehensive specifications, including the gemstone’s origin. A certified natural emerald price depends on the 4’Cs as it ensures authenticity and adds value to your investment.

In Conclusion: A Wise and Beautiful Choice

Selecting the perfect emerald combines knowledge and personal taste, focusing on color, clarity, cut, and carat. Always insist on a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the gem’s genuineness. 

How much does green emerald cost in India? The pure green emerald stone price in India extends from INR 2,000 to 2 lakhs of rupees. Whether you buy panna ratna for its vibrant beauty, astrological significance, or luxury symbolism, these guidelines will help you make a valuable and informed decision, considering the 4C’s and your unique preferences.

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