Essay On Marketing: 3 Steps You Might Missing Out On

Our friend Debbie went to Business College, beaming with confidence that she knew all about writing marketing essays. Well, just like everyone, she also learned to write essays in high school, what’s there to learn more? Surely nothing!

After submitting her assignment she was brimming with joy that she would get the highest marks in her class. All ecstatic and giddied up, she waited for the result to be announced only to see that she failed miserably in it. What on Earth?

Well, if you are also naïve just like our dear friend, then you are in for a nasty surprise. And to save you from the heartbreak that she went through, we have written this blog.

So, let us embark on an academic journey side by side as we delve deeper into the enchanting realm of marketing and give you all the necessary information to write an ideal essay. Below, we have addressed everything that one must know about writing such essays perfectly. So, read on!

Marketing Essays – Write An Ideal Essay By Following These Steps!

Pre-Writing Activities

You can’t just dive head-first into writing essays, you’re not 8 anymore. So, it is wise to act like the responsible student that you are and prepare yourself for writing. If you are not sure whether you can write your essay, we suggest you not take the risk unless you are in for a commitment. Instead, seek help from any online UK assignment help providers to write your essays for you.

However, if you wish to do your work by yourself, then there are a few things that must be addressed before you actually start with your marketing essay. We have shed light on them below:

  • Choose A Topic: Choosing the right topic will make or break your essay. So, to become the source of pride for your tutor, choose a topic that is compelling yet unique. Don’t just start writing on the first topic that comes to your mind. Instead, take time and merge different ideas and topics to come up with a strong idea to go with.
  • Gather Enough Information: After you have your topic ready, now is the perfect time to gather as much information on it as you can. Research your selected topic as doing so will provide you with enough evidence and knowledge you require to support your insights and arguments.
  • Do Market Research: This step serves as the backbone of your essay. You must have at least a superficial market research that is related to your topic. So, conduct proper market research and move on to the next step – Writing!

Start Writing (Essay Structure)

Just like any other essay that you write, you need to have a proper structure for your marketing essay as well. Although it follows the traditional pattern – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, there are some things that you must know.  Read below to get familiar with them.

  • Introduction And Thesis Statement: In this section, you have to provide your thesis statement, which will serve as a roadmap for your marketing essay. This statement is your viewpoint and the primary idea behind what fascinated you to write on the subject that you are going to discuss.
  • Methodology: Your marketing tutor does not want to see your personal opinions and thoughts rather they would love to see some provable methods and facts on the subject. So, less fable and more facts is the way to go! If you are not able to prove that certain factors are linked with certain results, then your thoughts won’t mean much either.
  • Body Paragraphs: The main body of any marketing essay consists of more or less the same structure. This structure is briefly elaborated below to give you insights on this matter too.
  1. Topic sentence: You must incorporate a topic sentence that must deal with a single claim or idea in each paragraph.
  2. Explanation: Once you have incorporated the topic sentence, you have to explain it further.
  3. Evidence: Back your claims and ideas with proper evidence. This is the step where your research and information sources come into action. Once you have given the evidence, you must cite all the sources. Bear in mind to use the proper academic style that you have been assigned to cite all the sources.
  4. Comment: Although this part is optional, it is very useful, so we suggest you not skip this part. Include your weak as well as strong points and shed light on how your evidence supports your ideas.
  5. Link: Make sure that your topic sentence, explanations, evidence, and comments are all linked. Sum it all up nicely and evenly, and point out how your topic is a vital part of the bigger picture.
  • Conclusion: Once you are done writing your introduction, thesis statement, methodology, and detailed body, now is the right time to add a concise conclusion. Summarize each and every key point that you discussed in your essay. One common mistake that a lot of students commit is that they introduce new ideas in this part. We advise you to refrain from doing so.

If you do not understand how to write a marketing essay, it is alright. You can always learn with time, right? So, for now, there is no shame in seeking help from any online essay and dissertation writing service providers to help you with this matter.

Post-Writing Activities

Now that you are done with the writing part, why not take a look at some post-writing activities that can add more to your overall marketing essay? Read below to get acquainted with them!

  • Style and Format It: When you are assigned to write a marketing essay in your high school, your tutor will instruct you to use a certain academic formatting style such as MLA, APA, or any other. So, keep in mind to format your essay as per the required style or else all your efforts will go in vain. Now we don’t want that to happen, do we?
  • Do Revision: Give yourself a pat on the back as you have successfully written your marketing essay! Just one thing left to do i.e. proofreading it. It is better to take a day or two after completing your assignment to revise it. However, if you are falling behind time, then ask your friends, family, or any trusted sources to do it for you. And voila!
  • How to write an introduction for a marketing essay?

To start your marketing essay, you must create a compelling hook that catches your reader’s attention effectively. After grabbing attention, provide the necessary background information and state your thesis clearly. A perfectly written introduction should be engaging and provide the readers with a glimpse of what they can expect from your essay.

  • What are the 5 steps to writing a marketing essay?

The 5 steps to writing a marketing essay are listed below:

  1. Step No. 1: Plan and decide your topic.
  2. Step No. 2: Research the matter to get more information on it.
  3. Step No. 3: Create a draft
  4. Step No. 4: Revise and make it look its best.
  5. Step No. 5: Proofread and edit wherever necessary to get rid of any mistakes or errors.

                                                           Wrapping It All Up!

So, you see writing a marketing essay in high school is way more different than what you were taught in your middle school. But sweat not, because by reading the above-given guide, we are sure you are going to ace it the first time. And, Debbie if you are here reading this blog, then incorporate these tips to write your next marketing essay and be prepared to pass your exams with flying colours!