Explore Taif: Important Landmarks In Taif

The 14 Nights 3 star Umrah package provides adequate time and savings to plan post-Umrah travel all in one trip. It’s the best way to spend quality time in quiet places after getting free from Umrah rituals.

One of the beautiful post-Umrah destinations and famous tourist attractions for pilgrims is Taif. It’s a quite beautiful city up in the mountains providing an opportunity to explore natural wonders along the pilgrimage.

As Umrah Packages UK manages inter-city transfers, you can get the most out of a religious trip visiting the popular landmarks in Taif. The following blog post is all about exploring the attractive spots in Taif that can enhance your spiritual journey within budget. So, let’s explore ahead.

Why Explore Taif After Your Umrah?

The custom Umrah packages UK provide an option to add Ziarat tours to famous landmarks in Saudi Arabia beyond pilgrimage. This way, pilgrims choose their post-Umrah destinations as per their needs and preferences. However, if you’re on a budget with the 14 Nights 3 star Umrah package, you may need to plan your own Ziarat tours.

No matter whether you want to save money or spend quality time, Taif is a worth-exploring attraction for pilgrims. This is because it’s a peaceful region with lush greenery across sights all surrounded by mountains.

Secondly, it’s closer to Makkah making it a potential visiting site after getting free from Umrah rituals. It saves travel time and transport hassle while providing a glimpse of nature. This is all that pilgrims need to relax and reflect on the journey after completing religious goals under the blazing sun.

In addition, the climate of Taif is moderately pleasant and cooler in summer which makes this place worth seeing during the hot months.

  1. Shubra Palace

After bearing the heat of Makkah and navigating the crowds of pilgrims, all you need to reflect on the pilgrimage is a quiet place with pleasant weather. This is what the historical Shubra Palace of Taif offers to you. The palace is a true symbol of splendid architecture with a history dating back to 1905. Since then, the palace used to be a summer home of Saudi kings.

However, it’s now become a museum with historical artifacts and displays representing the lifestyle of kings and the evolution of Taif. Not only this, the surroundings of the palace are also quiet and beautiful up in the mountains. Nearby gardens provide ample space for visitors to explore the beauty of nature and relax.

  1. Taif Rose Farms

End your spiritual journey with a peaceful exploration of natural wonders in Taif. Taif is a city of roses upon height famous for its diverse rose fields. Pink Damask roses bloom in these farms filling the air with sweet refreshing fragrance.

Visiting this beautiful scenery seems like exploring another side of Saudi Arabia opposite to Makkah. Pink roses all across the farms provide a stunning backdrop for photography. Farmers use flowers to make products like rose water and rose oil that pilgrims can buy as souvenirs.

Overall, it’s a great post-Umrah destination and a worthwhile sight of Taif providing a peaceful spot as a symbol of ending the pilgrimage.

  1. Jouri Mall

Visit the popular Jouri Mall in Taif to experience a significant change of pace from the busy days of Umrah. The mall has everything to offer whatever you need there. For instance, it offers a unique collection of clothes and shoes from local as well as international brands. Their quality products set the market standards with price ranges from affordable to luxurious options.

In addition, the mall also has a food court, prayer rooms, and a play area providing you with a comprehensive experience especially if you want to visit with family. It’s a great place to buy some gifts and souvenirs for loved ones within budget.

  1. Jabal Dakka Park

Take a break from your spiritual journey and experience the adventure of climbing mountains. Jabal Dakka Park is a famous attraction for pilgrims who want to spend time in nature and reflect on their spiritual experiences.

The park is located at the peak of the mountains with a stunning panoramic view of Taif. Getting to the top of the mountain can be done in a couple of ways. You can either climb the mountain as an adventure or cover the distance by road.

At the top, you can see the magic of nature all around in the form of lush green fields and valleys. The climate over there is pleasant making this place worth exploring landmark of Taif. From surrounding food stalls, you can also grab bites to enjoy the stunning view of nature. It’s also a great place to visit after performing Umrah rituals in Makkah.

In the end, it’s all about peace of mind and comfort of travel that enable pilgrims to get on post-Umrah tours. As Umrah Packages UK arranges everything on behalf of pilgrims, they can easily plan additional tours to destinations of their choice including Taif. The same goes with the 14 Nights 3 star Umrah package. So, what holds you back? Book your package to perform Umrah and seek closeness to Allah.

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