Fixing The Problem Of RR Email Not Working In IPhone

Updating smartphones to their newest version is quite common and becomes necessary for the users as it provides a lot of new features. But sometimes, we start facing Fixing the problem of RR email, not working issues after updating our phone due to which the update is not of use. And when we talk about Apple, then it has launched the latest version of its iOS for the iPhone, and a huge number of users have updated their device with the latest OS.

  • But because of the update, some of the users have started to receive a problem in accessing the mails via login.
  • And if you are the one who is facing this problem and want to Fix the problem of RR email not working that is updated to IOS 10, then we are here with the solution that is present in this article.

Fixing the Problem of RR Email Not Working in iPhone That Is Updated to Ios 10

It is a new type of problem that people start facing different issues with their iPhone updated with iOS 10 and they are not receiving their roadrunner emails. After updating your phone, if you are facing such kind of Fixing the problem of RR email not working, then, in that case, you need to follow the process which is mentioned below:

  • First of all, open the settings of your phone in which you need to go to the email app by finding it in your settings.
  • After this, you need to go to the roadrunner email account as the problem arises in it.
  • After going to the account, you need to log out from your phone.
  • After logging out, you need to go to the section of add account.
  • Then you need to again do the login to your account by entering all the credentials in the required fields.
  • When you log in successfully, then this problem will resolve.
  • You are not required to put in any roadrunner email settings manually.

Thus, by re-logging into your roadrunner email account, you will be able to solve your problem of not receiving new emails in your roadrunner account, and the error of the wrong password is shown on the screen of your iPhone.

How to Fix the Blank Screen After the Email App Is Opened

After updating your phone, some iPhone users face the problem of getting a blank screen after the roadrunner email app is opened. This problem is faced by only those users who already have added the symbol of the apostrophe in their email addresses. In order to solve Fixing the problem of RR email not working issue, you need to wait till the time   fixes the problem itself. But below are a few steps that you can follow till the apple does not fix it by itself.

  • First of all, you have to delete the existing email account from the roadrunner email app which can be done by clicking on the option of adding another email account.
  • After this, you have to delete all the messages present in your inbox. But keep this thing in mind emails whose size is more than 6 MB need to be deleted. In order to remove the mails, you have to long-press the mail and select all other mails having a size of more than 6 MB.
  • After this, you need to back up all your data into your computer or laptop by connecting your phone so that after resetting you will get your data back.
  • After this, you need to soft reset your phone, which can be done by long-pressing the home button and power button. Keep this thing in your mind that you need to press both these buttons at the same time.
  • Now you need to restore all your data and then need to log in to your roadrunner email after adding all the credentials into their required field.
  • When you log in, then you will see that there is no problem with getting the blank screen after opening the email app.
  • But if you still find the same problem then in that case you need to hard reset your iPhone again. And then perform the further steps of logging in again and all others.

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