Honda Civic 2022 Price in Pakistan – Latest Updates

Honda Civic 2022 Price in Pakistan

If you’re a car fanatic in Pakistan, you’re probably eager to get hold of the cutting-edge Honda Civic 2022 model. With its sleek layout, advanced features, and dependable average overall performance, the 2022 Civic maintains the legacy of its predecessors while supplying a few interesting improvements.

Overview Honda Civic 2022 Price in Pakistan


The appeal of the Honda Civic 2022 in Pakistan is plain. This guide empowers you to navigate the price landscape and make a knowledgeable preference.

Official Dealership Price Breakdown

Honda offers multiple Civic trims, every catering to wonderful options. Here’s a place to begin for valid dealership prices:

  • Standard: This price-orientated alternative boasts a starting fee round PKR 8,329,000.
  • Oriel: Seeking comfort and further capabilities? The Oriel is to be had in at a barely better charge point.
  • RS: For using fans, the RS trim prioritizes average overall performance, contemplated in its fee tag.

Understanding On-Road Costs

The very last fee you pay would possibly vary barely depending to your region. Here are some additional elements to recall:

  • Registration: Provincial variations exist for registration prices.
  • Insurance: The fee is predicated upon on your preferred coverage and the usage of information.
  • Delivery and Documentation: Factor in those expenses for a whole photograph.

Beyond the Price

While the price performs a sizable characteristic, do not forget different important factors. Evaluate fuel overall performance, functions furnished in every trim, and the way well the Civic aligns together with your use of goals.

Staying Up-to-Date

This website can be updated to reflect any first rate dealership price changes. For the most contemporary records, contacting your local Honda dealership is suggested.

By equipping yourself with expertise of the rate shape and on-street fee elements, you’ll be empowered to make a confident desire while acquiring your dream Honda Civic 2022 in Pakistan.


Honda Civic 2022 Variants

The Honda Civic 2022 is available in several trims, catering to wonderful options and budgets. From the lowest model to the pinnacle-tier variation, each offers its private set of abilities and specs. Whether you’re seeking out a primary but inexperienced adventure or a totally loaded luxurious sedan, there may be a Civic version for you.

Among the maximum famous variations are the LX, Sport, EX, and Touring. The LX serves because the get entry to-level alternative, providing important abilities for everyday the usage of. The Sport variant provides a hint of athleticism with sportier styling and greater appropriate performance. Moving up the ladder, the EX gives greater comfort and comfort skills, whilst the Touring sticks out with its top elegance services and superior generation.

Price Range of Honda Civic 2022 in Pakistan

 Image of a 2021 Honda HRX in motion.

When it includes pricing, the Honda Civic 2022 offers quite a few options to inform unique budgets. The base model LX starts off evolved at a aggressive charge point, making it available to a wide sort of customers. As you circulate as plenty as higher trims and add-ons, the rate clearly will increase, reflecting the more abilities and facilities blanketed.

In Pakistan, the charge of the Honda Civic 2024 varies depending at the version and any optionally available applications decided on. On average, you may assume to pay among PKR three, 000,000 to PKR 4,500,000 for a contemporary day Civic, with charges fluctuating based mostly on elements along with vicinity, taxes, and import obligations.

Comparison with Previous Models

Compared to its predecessors, the 2022 Honda Civic boasts several upgrades that justify its charge tag. While maintaining its signature format language and reliability, the 2022 version introduces updates in generation, protection features, and widespread usual performance.

One fantastic change is the revamped indoors, which now offers greater top fee substances and superior infotainment options. Additionally, the inclusion of Honda Sensing® suite as contemporary throughout all trims enhances protection and riding pressure-assist capabilities, putting a brand new widespread for the compact sedan segment.

Factors Affecting Honda Civic 2022 Price

Several factors make a contribution to the pricing of the Honda Civic 2022 in Pakistan. Economic situations, together with inflation fees and overseas cash fluctuations, can affect the price of manufacturing and uploading vehicles. Moreover, changes in government rules and taxation additionally affect the final retail fee of cars.

Furthermore, marketplace calls for plays a crucial function in determining pricing. Higher name for a selected model or restrained availability can also cause charge modifications to hold stability between deliver and demand.

Availability and Dealerships

A 2021 Honda HRX driving on the road.

Fortunately, the Honda Civic 2022 is broadly to be had in the course of Pakistan, with legal dealerships located in principal cities nationwide. Whether you’re in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or some different urban middle, you could without trouble discover a dealership supplying the current day Civic fashions.

Authorized dealerships not simplest offer get right of entry to to contemporary motors however additionally provide after-sales offerings, which includes protection, repairs, and authentic spare parts. Visiting a certified dealership guarantees a problem-loose revel in and peace of thoughts whilst buying a Honda Civic.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

The Honda Civic has lengthy been a favorite among Pakistani clients, known for its reliability, comfort, and cost for cash. With the advent of the 2022 version, many drivers have praised its updated capabilities and stepped forward using revel in.

Customers apprehend the glossy design, spacious indoors, and gas-green engines that the Civic has to offer. Positive reviews highlight the advanced technology capabilities, at the side of the touchscreen infotainment system and reason pressure-help safety features, as huge promoting factors.

Future Prospects

Looking earlier, the destiny of the Honda Civic in Pakistan seems promising. With a sturdy popularity for amazing and performance, the Civic is anticipated to keep its recognition amongst customers. As automobile generation continues to conform, destiny iterations of the Civic may introduce even more revolutionary capabilities and enhancements, similarly solidifying its function within the marketplace.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Is the Honda Civic 2022 to be had in unique colorings?

Yes, the 2022 Civic is to be had in hundreds of out of doors color options to suit man or woman tastes.

Does the Honda Civic 2022 include an assurance?

Yes, Honda gives a general assurance bundle for all new Civic models, imparting coverage for a sure duration or mileage, whichever comes first.

Can I customize my Honda Civic 2022 with greater accessories?

Absolutely! Honda offers a variety of real add-ons that can help you personalize your Civic regular with your alternatives.

What is the gasoline performance of the Honda Civic 2022?

The gasoline performance of the Civic varies relying on the engine type and riding situations but normally gives wonderful mileage for each city and dual carriageway riding.

Are there any unique financing offers to be had for the Honda Civic 2022?

Honda dealerships regularly offer financing alternatives and promotional gives to make owning a Civic lower priced for customers.


In conclusion, the Honda Civic 2022 offers a compelling package deal for automobile consumers in Pakistan. With its style of versions, aggressive pricing, and up to date functions, it caters to numerous wishes and possibilities. Whether you’re on the lookout for a reliable every day riding pressure or a stylish city cruiser, the Civic gives on all fronts, making it a top desire in its phase.

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