How can a certified shredding company help your business?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That is a proverb that comes true when personal or secret information is not appropriately disposed of in paperwork. Not only may data breaches occur online, but they can also occur in regular, private documents that you handle. This demonstrates the need for extreme caution when disposing of tangible copies of papers that contain sensitive information.

Shredding is a fast, safe, and affordable way to get rid of old, secret papers, making it one of the most popular techniques. For security purposes, shredding private information and critical company data is equally crucial as installing an internet firewall.

Protect intellectual properties

Intellectual properties, or IP, are intangible assets for any kind of organisation. However, if it is not properly handled and disposed of, it may turn into a burden and result in criminal violations and legal ramifications.

Forging trademarks or copyrights is one of the most frequent infringements against intellectual property. The projected loss of revenue due to counterfeiting is in the hundreds of billions. This demonstrates how important intellectual property rights are to the functioning of the world economy and how they help businesses get a competitive edge. Products that are counterfeit not only diminish the company’s worth and image, but they often have dangerous and subpar flaws that endanger customers.

Save cost and storage

It will be less expensive for you to hire a professional shredding company than to buy, maintain, and repair your own shredder. For shredding equipment to operate well, it must be disassembled and cleaned often.

Furthermore, the cost of storing those records may significantly reduce your monthly spending. You may save operating expenses and free up space that you might have otherwise set aside for storing obsolete and undesirable papers by shredding them.

Increase security

Sensitive information that you would want your employees and rivals not to access, such as coworkers’ wages, private financial and personnel files, health insurance data, business and marketing strategies, and more, can be handled by a qualified shredding provider.

Additionally, the papers will be destroyed in a facility with security systems and delivered in a truck or container that is bonded. A certificate of destruction will also be given to you, ensuring that your data has been safely destroyed.

Increases productivity

Employee productivity is decreased when routine activities are taken away from them to shred documents in-house. This is because time lost on non-value-added chores is wasted. Industrial shredders used by reputable shredding services can do the task more quickly, effectively, and on-site. By using shredding services, you may protect your company’s data and papers from nefarious intent while maximising organisational efficiency.


There has never been a more dangerous moment in history for organisations to retain large volumes of paper documents because the trend of data breaches is still on the rise. Identity theft, which occurs when unscrupulous criminals exploit any personally identifiable information to perform various forms of fraud, is one of the main harms that a data breach may bring.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), companies are required to safeguard personal information in their possession or under their control, including that of customers and employees. Companies that disregard the standards risk severe consequences, including negative publicity, harm to their reputation, lost sales, penalties from the authorities, and unanticipated internal operating expenses.

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