How do flight attendants deal with ear pressure?

Changes in altitude and the pressurized cabin cause ear pain in flight. Ear ache occurs whether you fly with Qatar Airways UK or a budget airline. Based on aircraft type configuration flight path and seats it can be more or less.

How do flight attendants handle ear pressure Everything you need to know.

Yawning and Swallowing:

The Eustachian tubes are opened by flight attendants yawning swallowing and softly moving their jaw. Thus equalizing air pressure on both sides of the eardrum and relieving pain.

Chewing Gum or Candies:

Flight attendants often chew gum or eat chocolates during takeoff and landing. Frequent swallowing equalizes ear pressure reducing air pressure-induced ear ache.

Pressure Equalization Devices:

Flight attendants may also utilize pressure-regulating earplugs. These items improve ear comfort during altitude shifts by managing pressure changes.


Flight attendants emphasize hydration to passengers since they realize its importance. Drinking enough water prevents dehydration and moistens your mucus membrane. Thus it reduces ear pain.

Nasal Sprays or Decongestants:

Flight attendants may utilize nose sprays or decongestants before flights. Helps in

  • Control sinus congestion.

Promote ear pressure equalization.

Professional Training.

Flight attendants have comprehensive professional training in which controlling ear discomfort during flights remains a key one. The training includes a number of in flight difficulties such as relieving ear pressure pain and also enabling them to assist passengers in this regard. Visit Qatar manage booking platform for expert assistance on how to efficiently reduce this issue.

Nasal Inhalation Techniques.

Specific nose inhalation procedures such as softly inhaling and exhaling the air while squeezing the nostrils together and then swallowing aid in equalizing ear pressure and minimizing discomfort.

Valsalva Maneuver.

Flight attendants could utilize the Valsalva technique to relieve ear pain. It is a technique that entails softly squeezing the nostrils tight and attempting to exhale gently not forcibly since it might be detrimental to your ear membrane with a closed mouth.

Modified Valsalva.

Though a similar approach to the Valsalva maneuver modified Valsalva entails a milder application i.e. clamping the nostrils tight and swallowing many times to gradually control air pressure.

Ear Discomfort Awareness.

Flight attendants in addition to helping the passengers limit ear pain in flight with numerous ideas and approaches regularly monitor their ear suffering as well to remain empathetic. By being conscious of their own experiences they not only better grasp the passenger wants but also support every single one of them as per their particular medical requirements.

Professional Support.

Flight attendants undergo their ear check ups periodically to remove any persistent ear irritation or underlying ear issues.

So that how flight attendants cope with ear pressure on board.

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