How Songs and Games Help Students Learn Different Languages?

In order to gain expertise in new foreign languages, the ideal solution is listening to music and playing games in different languages. The objective of it is to ease the learning process and to grab the attention of students in a classroom. 

Many international American schools focus on student’s creative thinking skills by teaching them different languages through games and music. It engages the students to learn languages in a fun and attentive way. In this article, how music and games help students learn new languages is discussed.

How Does Music Help in Learning New Languages?

Teachers can use music to help students learn many foreign languages as it will help them understand their culture and experience new accents. Following are the benefits of learning new languages through songs:

1. New Vocabulary and Culture

Students will get introduced to many new vocabulary and expressions through the song-learning process without additional kindergarten cost. It will enhance their conversational tone and help them grow their knowledge. Music includes many phrases and idioms which refer to the indigenous people and thereby it also helps students to get introduced to a new culture.

2. Wide Range of Accents

Songs are produced in many languages and accents. It helps students in understanding the different accents spoken around the world. American English and British English are the two major versions of this language in which music is made, but they both have different accents. Also, different genres of music like jazz and rock will have different uses of accents.

3. Originality and Natural Language

Music includes the natural language that the native people speak which helps in language learning. Majority of the songs are authentic, and some songs may contain a mixture of other languages. A clear observation of songs can help students in learning new languages.

4. Improves Skill Set

Song learning process helps students in building their skill sets. Teachers must help students in understanding what they learn from a particular foreign song and whether they can relate it to their life. This procedure develops their critical thinking ability and improves their engagement in the classroom.


How Do Games Help in Learning Different Languages?

Some international American schools help students learn new languages by playing games. It is a fun learning process and adds to the gaming experience. The benefits of games in learning new languages are as follows:

1. Improves Linguistic Skills

Gaming helps students in active learning as it improves their language through competitive matches and character accents. Many games feature an online gaming option through which a student can play with global players and learn their native languages. It also improves their listening and writing skills as they require communicating with game characters and players.

2. Improves Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Many games come in a different set of languages. A student can select the mode of language they want to play in and hence get a chance to improve their vocabulary. With the help of subtitles in video games, a student will be able to read and listen simultaneously, which can expedite the process.

Besides the above-mentioned points, music and games are portable modes of learning and a student can learn a new language anytime. It helps build relations and connections with other cultures all around the globe. Some of the international American schools help students understand the way other people think through this process and how to implement those in their life.

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