How to Build Fire Resistant Decks: Decking Services

Living in areas prone to wildfires requires extra safety measures, and your deck is no exception. A fire-resistant deck is essential to prevent flames from spreading to your home. This blog will guide you through simple steps to ensure your deck is safe and stylish, with help from decking services in Barrie ON. With the right strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk of fire damage, ensuring that your outdoor space is a sanctuary and a haven from potential wildfires.

Choosing the Right Materials with Decking Services

The key to a fire-safe deck is using the right materials. Hardwoods are good, but composite materials are even better. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), composite decking materials are awarded a Class C fire rating, while certain types of wood decking, like redwood and cedar, can achieve a Class B rating when properly treated with fire retardants.

These modern materials don’t catch fire easily and need less upkeep. Decking services love composites because they last long and protect your home from fire. Moreover, they look great and resist mold and pests too. Investing in these advanced materials ensures that your deck not only stands up against the threat of fire but also stands the test of time against various natural elements.

Designing for Safety

The way you design your deck affects its fire safety. A simple, open design helps prevent fire. Adding a non-combustible border around the deck is smart and acts like a safety barrier. Decking services recommend this because it increases safety without ruining the look of your deck. Also, consider how the wind might blow embers onto your deck and plan accordingly. Design elements like a fire-resistant mat under your grill can also enhance safety, providing peace of mind during summer barbecues.

Spacing is Crucial

Proper spacing between boards and between the deck and your home is important. It lets air flow and reduces heat build-up, which can prevent fires. Expert decking services in Barrie emphasize this detail because it’s an easy fix that greatly increases your deck’s safety. Proper spacing also helps your deck last longer by keeping it cooler. Ensuring adequate ventilation not only helps in fire prevention but also maintains the structural integrity of your deck by reducing warping and cracking over time.

Use Fire Retardant Treatments

Applying fire retardant chemicals to your deck adds an extra layer of protection. These treatments slow down the start and spread of fires. Decking services in Barrie ON, see this step as crucial for keeping your deck looking good and being safe. Make sure to reapply treatments as recommended to maintain protection. This process might seem like an extra step, but it’s a critical measure in preserving the life of your deck while ensuring it can defend itself in the face of an approaching wildfire.

Add Metal Accents

Using metal in your deck design isn’t just stylish—it’s also practical. Materials like aluminum and steel don’t burn, making them great choices for areas at risk of fire. Decking services in Barrie often suggest using metal for railings and decorative elements to enhance your deck’s fire resistance and modern look. Integrating metal components adds to the aesthetic appeal and provides a strong, durable structure that withstands higher temperatures and reduces overall fire risk.

Maintenance Matters

Keeping your deck clean is crucial, especially during fire season. Remove leaves and debris to prevent accidental fires. Decking services stress that regular cleaning extends your deck’s life and keeps it safe. This is a good time to check for hazards like damaged boards or grease build-up near grills. Consistent maintenance also involves treating your deck to prevent moisture damage and inspecting it for signs of wear that could make the material more susceptible to catching fire.

Smart Landscaping Choices

Choosing fire-resistant plants and materials for areas around your deck can also help protect your home. Stones or gravel work better than flammable mulches. Decking services recommend creating a barrier with these materials to help stop fires from reaching your deck and home. Incorporating these elements not only adds to the beauty of your outdoor area but also acts as a functional fire deterrent. This strategic landscaping forms an effective buffer zone that can be crucial in slowing the progress of a wildfire.

Choose Fireproof Furniture

The furniture on your deck can affect fire safety. Choose materials like metal or treated fabrics that are less likely to burn. This ensures everything on your deck is designed to prevent fires, from the structure to the accessories. Opting for fireproof furniture complements your overall fire safety strategy, providing additional protection that blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of your deck. This approach increases safety and enhances comfort, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without worry.

Regular Inspections

Having your deck checked regularly by expert decking services in Barrie can prevent problems. They look for wear and tear that might make your deck less safe. This includes checking for loose fittings or rotting wood. These inspections ensure that your deck stays a safe place for family gatherings. Regular professional evaluations help catch small issues before they become major, ensuring that your deck remains a safe, enjoyable space for years.

Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest in fire safety. Decking services in Barrie can update you on new materials and methods to keep your deck safe. By staying informed you can make smart choices about updating or improving your deck to resist fires better. Awareness and education are key in adapting to evolving safety standards and technologies. They also ensure that your deck remains a secure and stylish part of your home.


Creating a fire-resistant deck in a wildfire-prone area means balancing safety and enjoyment. Following these expert tips will make your deck a safe and enjoyable part of your home. Each step toward fire resistance increases safety and enhances your outdoor living space, making it a valuable part of your home.

Safety doesn’t have to compromise style; your deck can be a beautiful, functional, and secure addition to your property with the right choices. At Ev Construct INC, we specialize in creating beautiful, durable decks tailored to your needs. Whether a new installation or a renovation, our team ensures top-quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

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