How to Select the Ideal Floor Tiles for Your Living Room


Are you planning to upgrade your living room flooring in your Tinsukia home? Then, you should consider infusing high-end living room tiles to give a refreshed look to host new memories and laughter of your friends and family. However, picking the ideal living room tiles in Tinsukia can be hard, considering the diverse variants available in the local tile market. So, have a look at the following tips to pick the right floor tiles for a personalised living room. 

Tips to Select Floor Tiles for Your Living Room 


The ambience in the living room is a significant element. The best way to maintain your preferred mood in the room is to choose a floor tile design that blends with the rest of the room decor, including walls and decor items. While picking your living room floor tiles, try to focus on the feel or mood you want to achieve in the room.

For instance, if you want a simplistic look, go for solid, soft-coloured tiles with matte finishes. Or, for a dramatic and bold look, you can choose dark-toned floor tiles. 

Select the Best Finish 

Floor tiles for living rooms come in several finishes. These tile finishes have an impact on the appeal of the flooring and its usability. The most popular tile finishes are matte and glossy. Matte-finish living room floor tiles have a rough surface that offers a safe walking experience for elderly people and young kids.

Also, they can hide stains and dirt very easily. Unlike them, glossy-finish living room tiles come with a lustrous surface that bounces light all around, making spaces appear brighter. 

Durability and Less Upkeep 

Besides the appeal of the living room floor tiles, you should also worry about the durability of the floor tiles. Since living rooms generally expect heavy footfalls, it is ideal to go for durable floor tile options. You can explore diverse options of long-lasting floor tiles in Tinsukia that can make your living room more usable and visually beautiful.

Also, you should get floor tiles that need low upkeep so that you do not need to follow an extensive cleaning program to maintain the elegance of the tiles. 

Consider Furniture Colours 

While coordinating the floor tile colours with the walls, don’t forget to consider the colours of your furnishings. This is undoubtedly the secret recipe to create a breathtaking living room design. So, you should always consider the colour theme of your living room interior, including the tones of your furnishings and light sources. You should prefer light-toned floor tiles to make your living room appear brighter and more lively if the room receives less natural light. 

Pick the Right Tile Size 

The floor tile size also has a significant impact on the overall look of your living room. So, you should select the size of your living room tile based on the area of the room, minimising tile wastage. You can go for small tiles if you have a large space to cover, creating a cluttered and busy look due to more grout lines.

However, you should prefer big slab tiles if your living room has small floor space. This may lead to some wastage but can make your small living room look larger. 

Floor Tile and Wall Colour Combinations 

Coordinating the wall and floor colours is a must if you want your living room to look stylish and elegant. Beautiful floor tiles may lose their charms if they are paired with unmatching wall colours. However, this does not mean that you always need to go for beige or white living room tiles.

You can always play with complementary colours to make your living room feel more lively and energetic. You can choose colours either from the same colour family or from opposite hues. 


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