How to Solve a Verbal Intelligence Test in the Pak Army

The Pakistan Army places significant emphasis on assessing the cognitive abilities of its candidates. Among the various assessments, the verbal intelligence test is crucial as it evaluates language comprehension, reasoning, and analytical skills. Whether you are taking this test in a traditional setting or as a verbal intelligence test online, thorough preparation is essential. 

This article provides detailed guidance on how to solve a verbal intelligence test specifically for the Pak Army, helping you improve your chances of success.

Understanding the Verbal Intelligence Test in the Pak Army

A verbal intelligence test in the Pak Army assesses multiple aspects of verbal ability, including:

  1. Vocabulary: Understanding and using words correctly.
  2. Grammar: Knowledge of sentence structure and grammatical rules.
  3. Reading Comprehension: Ability to read, understand, and interpret written material.
  4. Verbal Reasoning: Logical reasoning and problem-solving using language.

These tests are often part of the initial screening process for candidates, making them a critical component of the selection procedure.

Types of Questions in the Verbal Intelligence Test

Vocabulary Questions

These questions test your knowledge of word meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and contextual usage. You might be asked to find a synonym for a given word or complete a sentence with the correct word.

Example: Choose the word that is most similar in meaning to “resolve”.

  • A) Ignore
  • B) Decide
  • C) Hesitate
  • D) Abandon

Grammar Questions

Grammar questions evaluate your understanding of correct sentence construction and grammatical rules. You may need to identify the correct sentence from a list of options.

Example: Choose the sentence with correct grammar.

  • A) She go to the market.
  • B) She goes to the market.
  • C) She gone to the market.
  • D) She going to the market.

Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading comprehension questions involve reading a passage and answering questions based on it. These questions assess your ability to understand and interpret written information.

Example: Read the passage and answer the question. “The Pak Army has a rich history of service and dedication to the nation. It has played a crucial role in maintaining peace and security.”

Question: What has the Pak Army played a crucial role in?

  • A) Education
  • B) Peace and security
  • C) Healthcare
  • D) Sports

Verbal Reasoning Questions

Verbal reasoning questions measure your ability to reason and solve problems using language. These questions often involve analogies, pattern recognition, and logical deductions.

Example: Choose the word that completes the analogy. “Doctor is to hospital as teacher is to ____.”

  • A) Classroom
  • B) Office
  • C) Laboratory
  • D) Factory

Tips for Preparing for the Verbal Intelligence Test in the Pak Army

1. Enhance Your Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary is essential for excelling in the PAF verbal intelligence test. Read extensively from various sources such as books, newspapers, and online articles. Use vocabulary-building tools and apps to learn new words and their meanings.

2. Practice Grammar

Review basic and advanced grammar rules. Practice identifying and correcting grammatical errors in sentences. Use grammar books and online resources that offer practice exercises tailored for competitive exams.

3. Develop Reading Comprehension Skills

To improve reading comprehension, practice reading different types of texts, including essays, reports, and articles. After reading, summarize the main points and answer questions to test your understanding. This will help you retain information better and improve your analytical skills.

4. Strengthen Verbal Reasoning Abilities

Verbal reasoning can be enhanced by practicing with sample questions and puzzles. Work on understanding analogies, making inferences, and drawing logical conclusions. Practice with past papers and sample tests designed for the Pak Army.

Taking a Verbal Intelligence Test Online

With the advent of digital platforms, many candidates opt to take the verbal intelligence tests for army online. Here are some tips for taking an online verbal test:

1. Create a Conducive Environment

Ensure you take the test in a quiet, well-lit environment free from distractions. This will help you focus better and perform optimally.

2. Manage Your Time Effectively

Online tests are usually timed. Practice time management by taking timed mock tests. Allocate a specific amount of time to each question and avoid spending too much time on challenging questions.

3. Utilize Online Resources

Our site ProGeniusStudents offers practice verbal intelligence tests online. Utilize these resources to familiarize yourself with the test format and question types. ProGeniusStudents websites provide detailed explanations for each answer, which can help you understand and learn from your mistakes.

4. Stay Calm and Focused

It is natural to feel anxious during a test. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to stay calm and focused. Read each question carefully, think logically, and avoid rushing through the test.


A verbal and non verbal intelligence test in the Pak Army is a critical part of the selection process, assessing key cognitive abilities essential for military service. Whether taking the test in a traditional setting or as a verbal intelligence test online, thorough preparation is the key to success. Building your vocabulary, practicing grammar, improving reading comprehension, and developing verbal reasoning skills are essential steps.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can enhance your verbal intelligence and perform confidently on the test. Remember, consistent practice and determination are crucial to mastering the skills required for the verbal intelligence test in the Pak Army.


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