How to successfully move your office in Dubai?

When a company grows, the location of the offices is unsuitable or the costs are too high, it is necessary to move its offices. This operation is delicate and requires good organization. Follow our advice to successfully transfer your office with complete peace of mind.

Office transfer: how to terminate your lease?

Once you have made the decision to change offices and found new premises, you must complete some administrative formalities, including terminating your commercial lease. You can end your commercial lease every 3 years from its signature, without particular reason. The lease may, however, include a contrary clause if:

The lease has a duration of more than 9 years;

The premises were built for a single use;

The premises have exclusive use as an office or Self Storage Dubai.

If you terminate the lease at the end of three years (3 years), send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the owner or give notice by Delight Movers. At the end of the lease or during a tacitly extended lease, you can only give notice using a Delight Movers. The notice period is 6 months before the initial term of the lease or before the end of three years. Plan for renovation work on the premises you are leaving. Concerning the new premises, you must sign a new lease and have your new office insured.

Moving your office: what formalities?

Have your internet subscription transferred: contact Professional office Movers in Dubai between 3 months and 3 weeks before the move. Internet is now essential, you must ensure that access is possible as soon as you move in.

Forward your mail: you can subscribe to the national definitive forwarding service with La Poste. The duration of the contract can be 12 months, renewable once, or 24 months, non-renewable. A forwarding solution also exists for companies setting up abroad.

Cancel the insurance contract for the premises you are leaving at least 2 weeks before the move.

Cancel or transfer energy subscriptions: electricity, gas, etc. 2 weeks before the office move. You can transfer your existing contract or sign a new contract.

Take out new contracts for your future premises.

Transfer your business bank accounts to a branch closer to your new location.

Inform third parties and organizations of your change of address: banks, taxes, insurance companies, customers, suppliers, etc.

Don’t forget to include the new address in your documents: quotes, invoices, business cards, sales brochures, email signatures, etc.

Office moving: how to organize packing and transport?

A few weeks before moving your office, take an inventory of your equipment (computers, monitors, scanners, printers, telephones, etc.) and your furniture (desks, cabinets, armchairs, etc.). There is no point in transferring obsolete or out-of-service items to your new premises. Order new furniture and equipment and organize the evacuation of the items you want to get rid of to a recycling center. You can also donate certain equipment that is still usable to associations.

Most of the time you can pack your papers (invoices, quotes, studies, etc.) in specific boxes for archives.

IT equipment requires careful preparation and transport, if possible in its original box. The disconnection of the devices and the reactivation of the park should be carried out by experts in Furniture Movers Dubai.

A good practice, that applies to most of your employees’ moves: prepare labels with the employee’s name, the destination office, and possibly the contents. You will then save time when distributing the boxes.

Equipment such as photocopiers require special handling, as they can exceed 100 kg. Entrust their preparation and transport to professionals and do not try to handle them on the stairs alone.

Some furniture such as desks can be dismantled by simply separating the table legs, saving space in the truck. Other items such as cabinets, modules, and armchairs can be transported as is.

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