Inkitt: Publishing Through Reader Empowerment

Introduction of Inkitt

It should come as no surprise that the publishing and literary industries are changing in this day and age, since technology has transformed almost every part of our lives. Inkitt, a platform that is revolutionizing the ways in which tales are found, shared, and published, is one prominent trailblazer in this field.

Fundamentally, Inkitt works on the tenet of reader empowerment. The days when just a small number of people in the industry could make decisions about publication are long gone. Rather, Inkitt uses the strength of its readership and writer community to find and highlight tales that have promise.

The online platform offered by Inkitt, which allows authors to publish their works for free, is one of its primary characteristics. Because of this democratization of publishing, that in order to share their work with the world, prospective authors no longer need to brave the difficult traditional publishing route. Simply publishing their writings to the platform gives authors access to a large readership that is always looking for new material.

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