Interesting Myths and Facts About the IELTS Test

IELTS is one of the most important tests to assess your language skills. In addition, it is accepted by many institutions and companies in the English-speaking countries. So the IELTS test is for those who want to work or study in a foreign nation. Moreover, there are many myths and facts you should know before applying for the exam, such as the IELTS free mock test provided by the experts (facts), “I’ve heard it’s easy to cheat in test” (Myth).

So, clear all your doubts by reading the article. Below, read about some myths along with their reality.

Surprising 7 Myths About the IELTS Test with Their Reality

There are lots of myths and misconceptions constantly said about the exam. You should avoid believing them. Also, never accept anything anyone says unless it comes from verified sources. In short, never fall into such scams. Here is a list of myths with their reality to understand the IELTS test more.

“I Can Get Authentic IELTS Certificate by Test Insiders Without Walking the Test”

Never believe this myth, that with money you can buy an IELTS scorecard. If interested in having a certificate then register for the test. Also, prepare well to gain the 8+ band scorecard with your abilities.

You must also be aware of some types of scams which ask you to make a call to a certain number. By telling them they are giving some confidential details on IELTS or about the test question.

Instead of listening to these false claims about the test and scorecard, you should focus on improving your English for IELTS test and hope to clear it in one attempt.

“I Have Heard It’s Easy to Cheat in the IELTS Exam”

No, it’s not possible to cheat in the IELTS exam. Since it’s protected by advanced and multi-layered security measures to prevent cheating. It is designed to protect all the applicants and the organization that accepts the IELTS result. Furthermore, to clarify why it is not possible to cheat on the test. You should know that at registration, the following identity checks are done:

  • The photographs and fingerprints scanned
  • lID checks
  • On the test day, the photography will taken
  • All test materials checked against the registration
  • Every test centre regularly watch

“If I Keep Practicing a Lot of Mock Tests, I Will Get a Better Band Score”

Practising with sample tests would surely help students to learn and understand better. Also, the IELTS free mock test is provided by some top experts for your better practice. But, it does not mean that by only taking these you will get an 8+ band score. To score high in the exam, you have to improve your English by using it in an everyday context.

“I Always Have to Agree With the Interviewer”.

When talking with the examiner, you do not have to agree with everything they say. Mostly if you do not believe in it. The task is not about whether your thoughts align with theirs or not. It’s about having a smooth talk with good grammar, clear delivery, and logical points. If you disagree with their words, you can politely appreciate their viewpoint and then share your opinion.

“Scoring Well in the Speaking Section Is Straightforward”

The speaking test might seem straightforward since you only need to talk with the examiner. However, like other sections of the IELTS test, it has its hurdles that require practice. While some people may find the speaking part easier based on their situation, it’s not about having a casual chat. Thus, you will need to talk about abstract ideas, important topics and express yourself naturally. Also, make sure that your thoughts are clear and well-spoken with the best delivery.

That was the myths that constantly said about the exam with their reality. Now, know about the facts below you should know.

Surprising 7 Facts About the IELTS Test

There are many facts on IELTS test that you should know if you are practicing for the exam. Some facts are written below:

  • There’s no way someone can cheat in the exam because the questions you will see on the test day are not published anywhere else.
  • Asking your interviewer to repeat the question in the speaking part will not affect your score. The speaking part of the test does not assess your listening ability. It only evaluates your language skills.
  • Many experts provide IELTS free mock tests to students for better preparation.
  • Avoid using these types of fillers, such as “um” and “ah”, which are often seen as a sign of poor communication skills. You can also practice by taking IELTS speaking practice online for better preparation.
  • Your accent does not affect your score in the speaking section. The questioner is not looking for an accent but rather an ability of your English speaking skills.
  • You will discuss with an examiner the topics in part 2 of the speaking section. During this, encouraged to express your opinions and ideas.
  • Using humour in your answers can help you stand out from other test takers. From that, you can show that you are confident and comfortable while communicating in the English language.
  • Being able to write like a professional and displaying your knowledge of English vocabulary are both important parts. So, to pass the IELTS exam, you need to work on board your skills.

So, these was the facts you have to know while taking IELTS exam.


In conclusion, to leave no doubts and be sure that your performance will be good on the test, taking an IELTS speaking practice online will be a great help for you. Remember to focus on fluency, vocabulary, grammar and to use non-verbal communication effectively. Practice properly and do not believe the myths about the exam. Moreover, read all the facts for better clarification.


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