Key Benefits of Airport Signage and Future Trends You Need to Know


Airports are teeming with activities in this fast-paced world. Passengers who are in a hurry need all the information in front of their eyes, and that too, in a visually pleasant way. Enter digital signage in airports! It does more than show flight information and enhances the passenger’s experience significantly. Let’s dig deep into the benefits of airport digital signage in this blog and see how it will become more useful in the future than it is today.

Importance of Airport Digital Signage

As per a recent survey, as many as 74% of tourists find digital signage useful in airports. They have vibrant displays and vivid colors with dynamic content to offer a rich and interactive visual experience to travelers. Entertaining videos, local information, personalized advertisements, and easy wayfinding- all are possible with airport digital signage solutions. Moreover, interactive airport signage can give passengers some moments of joy amidst the hurry-scurry.

Top Benefits of Airport Digital Signage

Airport digital signage solutions can enable authorities to achieve benchmarks in passenger satisfaction and gain opportunities to generate more revenue. Here are the top reasons that make digital signage in airports inevitable.

1. Efficient Wayfinding with Digital Signage

Wayfinding Digital Signage

Digital signage in airports can help passengers navigate various large areas and routes. Digital signage is also useful in big airports with complex architecture.

2. Streamlined Processes for Reduced Passenger Burden

It can educate passengers about the screening process and reduce their anxiety significantly. It also brings automation to the check-in process with more accuracy.

3. Effective Emergency Communication

Airport display screens communicate important messages to passengers during emergencies. It is possible to display alerts across all devices simultaneously.

4. Enhanced Waiting Experience

Digital signage can improve airport passenger experience to make wait times more bearable. Passengers can spend time entertainingly getting the necessary information.

5. Real-time Flight Information

Airport Flight Information Display System

Airport digital display solutions can display flight and luggage information to passengers in real-time to ensure they do not miss their flights.

6. Optimized Internal Communication

Digital signage is useful for internal communication with airport staff like counter personnel and security staff for better coordination every time.

7. Accessibility for Disabled Individuals

It is one of the biggest benefits of airport digital signage to assist disabled people in finding ways and places in the airport.

8. Revenue Generation Opportunities

Airports can generate revenue by selling advertising space on their digital signage. It can increase the airport’s income eventually.

9. Data-Driven Insights for Operational Improvements

Airports can use data from their digital signage to improve their facilities and operations to ensure better services for tourists.

10. Multilingual Information Display

Airports can translate and display information in multiple languages on digital signage. It can address a huge audience irrespective of their language.

Apart from these major benefits, the aviation industry can get an advantage of some less-explored features of airport signage solutions.

Information Beyond Flights: Airport Digital Displays Unveiled

It is fair to mention that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the scope of airport display screens. Though all airports use them extensively, they are yet to explore full advantage. Here we mention five less-explored use cases of airport displays that require innovation and expert execution.

1. Unlocking Efficiency: Airport Digital Screens for Advanced Check-ins

Digital touchscreens enable users to complete their check-in at the airport. In other words, airports can keep self-check-in kiosks to improve operational efficiency and make wait times tolerable for travelers. Automated bag-drop technology can upgrade this experience as passengers can print their luggage tags and boarding passes by themselves.

2. Ensuring Safety: Emergency Messaging Systems via Airport Digital Signage

Airports are overly crowded and therefore, they should have foolproof plans to handle any emergency. Digital signage software can have an emergency messaging system become an essential part of a rapid response strategy at airports. Also, a network of interactive airport signage can broadcast emergency alerts or notifications simultaneously.

3. Transforming Dining: Digital Signage in Airport Restaurants

Digital Signage in Restaurants

The Food and Beverages department has a significant place in the ecosystem of domestic and international airports. Various food delivery partners can have interactive digital monitors located at different corners of airports. Travelers can order food and drinks from the airport F&B counters using digital signage.

4. Securing Travel: Face Detection via Airport Digital Screens

Biometrics is one of the most reliable security methods in different industry sectors and the aviation sector is no exception! Airports will focus on this technology soon using its emerging trend, Face detection. It will enhance the security and protect the privacy of travelers. Digital screens will execute face detection accurately and assist airports in avoiding terror threats.

5. Monetizing Engagement: Virtual Events on Airport Digital Signage

Virtual Events Digital Signage Display

Interactive digital signage can act as a platform between passengers and noteworthy brands. Airports can arrange virtual events or expos for these brands on large digital displays. As a result, brands can get good exposure and passengers can get a pleasant experience of live interactions with the brands. Airports can generate revenue through such events.

Anticipating Tomorrow – Future Trends in Airport Digital Signage

Future of  Digital Signage in Airports

As per the International Air Transport Association (IATA) projection, global passenger traffic will reach 4 billion by 2024 It is, therefore, necessary for airports to put more airport display screens along with an effective implementation plan to facilitate tourists. As a powerful source of internal information and entertainment for passengers, digital display solutions can remain handy in disaster management and other activities.

We can expect a promising tomorrow for the signage software. The aviation industry has embraced digital signage to improve airport passenger experience, and in the coming years, more advanced signage will take it to a new level with higher security and rich visuals. A feature-rich digital signage will make airports ready for tomorrow, but it is crucial to choose the right signage solutions provider who is well-versed in mobile app development.

Conclusion – Unlocking the Potential of Airport Digital Signage

Airport digital signage solutions have many potential applications for the thriving aviation sector. Be it communicating internally or generating more revenue through entertaining tourists, a digital signage solution can work wonders. As technology advances, we will have new features and scope for digital signage solutions that will increase safety and comfort for passengers.

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