Know All About Canadian Intake by Noida Study Abroad Experts

Many Noida students apply to get an intake in a Canadian institute. This is because Canada is flexible for students who plan to study abroad for a better life. However, the process of getting intake is not easy. This is because of different types of intake.

So, students take guidance from study abroad consultants in Noida to get an intake. This is because they are experts and full of knowledge about the whole process. In this article let’s know all about intakes in Canada.

What Are the Different Types of Intakes Canada Have?

Canada highly supports education for everyone. So, it has welcomed international students for decades. However, students who want to study abroad in Canada can apply for intake thrice a year. These intakes are known as:

  • January intake
  • May intake
  • September intake

All these intakes have a huge difference. Let’s know in detail how.

September intake in Canada

September intake is also known as Fall intake. It is the primary intake in Canada, so students get all the courses they need to study. That’s why it is most popular among global students who want to study in Canada for a better education. However, the acceptance rate of this intake is only 55%- 60%. Students who want a fall intake can apply from December until March.

January intake in Canada

Canada offers a January or winter intake for those students who fail to apply or get the fall intake. That’s why it is the second most popular intake in Canada. However, students get fewer programs than fall intake to study in this intake that’s why it has an acceptance rate of 60%-70%.

Students can apply for this intake from September to November.

May intake in Canada

May or summer intake is the last session of the academic year. Students who want to study diploma courses apply for this intake, which is why the acceptance rate is 70%- 80%. However, students who apply for this session do not get many scholarships. In addition, the Canadian government doesn’t grant them a work permit to manage their lives.

Students who want to study in this intake program can apply from January till March.

All Pros and Cons of Fall, Winter and Summer Intake

There are some advantages and disadvantages, except scholarships and programs offered in each intake session in Canada. Each student should know them to make the study abroad journey to Canada easy.

Fall Intake


  • Students who apply for fall intake get enough time to settle and explore Canada in great and pleasant weather.
  • It is open for all courses at all institutes. In addition, students also get maximum internship chances, scholarships and off-campus jobs.


  • It is the most demanding session. So, there are many applicants for this intake. This reduces the chances of getting into top institutes.
  • Students need a high academic and entrance exam score to enjoy the benefits of this intake.

Winter intake


  • There are fewer students than in the fall intake.
  • Students get ample time to interact with college faculties.
  • Get much time to study and prepare for entrance, visa and other exams.
  • Chance to get a course you wish to study in a top institute with less competition than fall intake.


  • Winter season is harsh in Canada.
  • Students get a few internships and scholarship opportunities in winter intake.

Summer intake


  • Summer intake has the least competition, so it has a high chance of admission.
  • Students who want to study short-term courses to enhance their skills can apply to this intake.
  • Students can enjoy their studies in pleasant weather.


  • Only short-term or diploma courses are available
  • Admissions are open in only a few institutes.
  • No or least scholarships for the students.

Documents Required for Admission in Canadian University

Noida students who want to opt for Canada for overseas education have to follow a long process to apply for admission. In addition, they need to arrange many documents to apply to an institute. However, they made a smart move to hire study abroad consultants in Noida to ensure the intake. This is because an expert knows exactly the process and papers that a student needs to start their journey.

They have made a list of some important papers that a student needs to apply for intake in Canadian colleges. Let’s briefly explain the importance of all the documents.

Application form

Canada opens intake for students thrice a year. First, students should be up to date with the college admission dates.

Competitive exam score

Students need to take and score well in competitive exams like the GMAT. They also have to prove their proficiency in the English language by taking exams like IELTS or PTE. A good score in these exams not only ensures admission but also helps in visa applications.

Academic certificates

These are your 10th, 12th and other certificates that you got from your school or college.

Additional documents

In addition, students also need some additional documents like passport-size photographs, LOR, resume, experience certificate and so on.

However, it is important to hire an expert to start a study abroad journey in Canada.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Intake

There are many cases in Canada of rejection of application forms for admission. So, if you want to go to Canada for higher studies, you must follow these steps to ensure your admission.

  1. Search and select the institute according to your eligibility.
  2. Fill out the application form carefully and correctly.
  3. If you are unsure about how to fill out the form, then you must seek help from study abroad consultants in Noida to get better assistance.
  4. Know the deadline for filling out the form and submitting it on time.
  5. You must not provide any false information. This will cost you the rejection of the application form. In addition, some legal actions may also be taken against you.
  6. If you get notifications to provide some more information or documents, immediately contact an expert and fulfil the requirements.

Summing Up

Canada has a strong student support system. So, it has 3 intake sessions to help students study overseas at one of the best places in the world. However, all these intakes are different from each other. So, it is important for students to know about all these intakes so that they can start their journey to study in Canada reliably.

The best way to know the difference is by hiring an expert. They will guide you with the best course in the top college in every intake. In addition, they will help arrange the documents for the admission process and fill out the application form. Hence, it ensures the intake to a top college in Canada for the student.

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