Kottayam Experts: The Best Guide for Australia Student Visa

Abroad students have several reasons when they opt for Australia. It is because the nations offer them with all things. For example, quality education, job options and more. In addition, the colleges of it give research chances to learners. Also, for all this, aspirants need an Australia student visa, without it, they cannot go there. However, getting it is not an easy thing. It includes a lot of process and documentation. It makes the situation hard for students as they do not know anything about it. Here, to aid them, study abroad consultants Kottayam have given some guidance. The experts there have good experience in this process. It helps you better understand the things.

Want to know more about it? Read the below article and get all your doubts solved. Moving forward, let’s first start with knowing the reasons for applying it.

Reasons to Opt for an Australia Student Visa

It is well-known to everyone that when it comes to education, Australia is one of the best places. In addition to this, it also offers quality life to the people living there. Well, there are several reasons to opt Australia, for to study. Let’s know the common ones stated by study abroad consultants Kottayam, the best in Kerala.

  • Do you know the universities of Australia rank in the top 100 colleges in the world? Among the QS ranking, 38 institutes are of Apart from that, for many years, the country has maintained a good reputation in the field of education.
  • To aid students, the country also offers scholarships of AUD 20000. It helps learners better manage their finances. Apart from that, it opens a doorway to many aspirants who are willing to study there but, due to money, do not apply for it.
  • With quality studies, the country too provides fair tuition prices. Yes, you read it right. To give chances to all the students out there, the nation offers reasonable study costs. So, as per your budget, you can plan to go
  • It is one of the biggest perks that Australia offer to abroad students. After completion, the learners can apply for a job here. In this, the nation provides four-year post-study work permits to them.
  • Unlike other countries, the Australia study visaallows students to work during their studies. Under this, they can work 20 hours per week in the nation. In addition, during holidays, the time is extended to 40 hours per week. It aids them in having some extra money for expenses.

These were the several perks of holding a student visa in Australia. Apart from that, in future, it offers learners with better job options. Moving forward, let’s know the steps to get a visa to Australia.

Steps of Getting the Australia Student Visa

When it comes to study visas, students often face issues. It is because the process is very daunting and includes a lot of paperwork. In addition, they do not have proper knowledge of all this. Well, feeling overwhelmed by this is not a big deal. But no need to worry now. Here, study abroad consultants Kottayam have mentioned the steps of getting it. Want to know what they are? Read the below section and learn about it.

Offer Letter from Applied College

It is the first document that you need to provide when applying for a student visa in Australia. It is like proof for visa authorities to know your motive for coming to the country. While giving it to them, carefully check the details, fees and enrollment. Because wrong information in it may result in visa rejection.

Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)

It is the document that you get from your applied university. After paying the study fee, the college provides you with this document. It consists of all the details, like the course, its duration, college, fees and more. With the offer letter, it is also proof of your Australia student visa. Through it, the visa authorities cross-verify your reason for going there.

Proof of English Skills

It is one of the vital documents when it comes to studying abroad. Whether you opt for Australia or any other nation, you have to give proof of your English skills. Through this, the visa official checks your language skills. They get to know about that whether you will be able to survive in the country or not. It is because, in Australia, every person speaks English. Also, the course you opt to study is in this language. So, with the English test, they check your eligibility to study in the country.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Needs

It is a document that shows that you are coming to Australia on a temporary basis. In addition, after completion of your work, you will go back to your nation. Here, the document carries the reason for you visiting the country. In this, you have to write a minimum 300-word essay mentioning the needs of GTE. Apart from that, attach the asked papers with it.

Proof of Finance

When applies for an Australia student visa, one needs to provide financial proof. Through this, the authorities check the financial stability of the person. If they meet the minimum fund needs, they get one step closer to a visa and, if not, get their visa get rejected. It can be bank statements, scholarships, grants and more.

Health Requirement

To get a study visa in Australia, students need to fulfil their health needs. In this, they are required to provide a document that shows they are fit and fine to study there. For a health check, you need to consult the doctors suggested by the visa authorities. Furthermore, Indian learners also have to provide a report of their chest X-ray. Through it, the authorities verify whether the aspirants have Tuberculosis or not.

Apply for Immigration

After checking all the things and arranging the papers, it is time to apply for immigration. You can do this by applying online. For this, you need to visit the website of Australia Visa and create an account there. Here, mention all the asked details and submit the application form.

These were the steps students need to follow to get an Australia student visa. In addition, if you need any help or guidance, feel free to take the help of study experts. They are skilled in this and provide you with the correct advice.


Studying in Australia is a dream of every student, and why not? The nations offer them several opportunities, whether it’s in studies or a job. In addition, the peaceful environment of it also grabs the attention of the learners. However, for this, the most vital thing they need is an Australia study visa. Without this, they cannot enter the country. The process of it is quite difficult. In this, hope reading this article provides you with all your answers. Furthermore, for more help, take the aid of study experts. They aid you in making your study journey more easy and comfortable.


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