Latest the UK Student Visa Questions by Kochi Experts

UK is one of the famous study places among Indian students. Because of the vast study options and services they provide to their learners. But to gain these facilities, learners have to clear all the hurdles in this process. The UK student visa is one of the most rigid parts of this journey. So, to ease the process, you can seek help from the Kochi experts, one of the most leading city in India hosts some of the best study abroad consultants. By choosing them you can be assured that you have taken the best decision regarding study abroad. They are best in India in providing all the updated and relevant information. In addition they also mentioned commonly asked questions by the interviewer. Read below to know further.

Commonly Asked Questions by Interviewer in UK Student Visa Process

There are many questions examiners ask in the UK student visa interview. Below are some common questions along with the pointers to include in them:

Why Do You Want to Study in the UK?

Highlight the pros of choosing the particular course in UK over the other available options. You will need to explain how this decision is going to help you to increase your career in terms of studies. In short, this question you have to give reasons for what makes you opt for the UK as your study place. Also, you can discuss the unique courses and services at the college.

Why Did You Choose This Course?

You should know the course details you applied for. Know about the specific modules of interest- what they involve and why they are beneficial to you. Think about any unique points of the course. Such as links to industry or professional approvals, and explain how this course will be beneficial for your future. They also extract the question by asking questions like how it will relate to your previous studies and what it will help you to achieve for your future career plans. This is the most common question the interviewer asks in a UK student visa interview.

Note: You should be aware of all the modules you are going to study in abroad.

Why Did You Choose to Study at This Particular College?

You should tell them the positive points which you got in your research and inquiry about the college. Can talk about these features:

  • Landscape
  • Faculty
  • Ranking
  • Location of the University
  • Research and Practical Approach
  • Student Review
  • Study Environment

You should elaborate these features in UK student visa interview to boost your chances of selection.

What Was the Last Course You Completed?

Tell them about the last course you have completed, and also tell them what you achieved. Add the overall experience you have gained there. Mention what you have learned in that. Also, add some subjects that you enjoyed while learning. You can tell them about the projects and extracurricular activities during the program.

Where Is the University Located and Where Will You Live in the UK?

You should be able to tell the place where the university is located in the UK. You must know about what kind of housing you will be staying in. For example- which halls of residence. You need to know where your accommodation is at the college and the cost of rent per week.

To give your answer perfectly you can connect your study abroad consultants in Kochi for detailed information and answer them perfectly.

How Will You Travel to College Each Day & How Much Will It Cost?

You should know how far will be the college from your living place and how much it will cost you to get there each day. If it is within walking distance, the cost will be free, it further astray then you should be able to give some realistic estimates of public transport service costs.

What Facilities Are Available at the College?

In this, you should tell them about the general facilities that interest you for taking admission to that particular college. For example- hostel amenities, library sports area, as well add the utilities of the specific course you are applying for.

What Are Your Future Career Plans?

You should be clear about your career goals after you finish your study course. The plans should be relevant to the course, and the proposed programs should be a necessary step to achieve your aim. Also, tell them you cannot get job you want without completing this course.

How Will You Pay for Your Studies?

You should have a sustainable and reliable source of finance that will be sufficient for you. You must provide evidence of this when applying for the Visa.

These are the commonly asked questions the examiner asks when you are taking the interview for the UK student visa. For more hep you can connect with the study abroad consultants for smooth and easy process.


In conclusion, the visa process is tough to crack for students without any help. So they should get aid from study abroad consultants in Kochi to get the self-enhancement classes and best guidance. Moreover, the duration of the interview is about 30-60 minutes. For those who are going to face this process, the questions along with the pointers are mentioned above in article.

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