Mannequin Market Share: Demand, Top Players, Industry Size, Future Growth by 2030

The global mannequins market size was valued at USD 5.14 billion in 2022. The market is anticipated to expand from USD 5.25 billion in 2023 to USD 6.70 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.56% over the estimated period. The surge can be attributed to the increasing range of products of various types. These include torso, abstract, and realistic.

This information is provided by Fortune Business Insights™ in its research report, titled “Global Mannequins Market, 2024-2030”.

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List of Key Players Profiled in the Mannequins Market Report:

  • Able Art Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Genesis Display GmbH (Germany)
  • Best Mannequin BV (Belgium)
  • 3S Mannequin Inc. (India)
  • IDW Display (Lithuania)
  • EUVEKA (France)
  • Abstract Mannequin (India)
  • Hans Boodt Mannequin (Netherlands)
  • Global Mannequin (India)
  • BONAVERI (Italy)
  • Las Vegas Mannequin (U.S.)


Women Segment to Gain Prominence Owing to Soaring Demand for Plus-size Lay Figures

By product type, the market for mannequins is subdivided into men, women, children, and others. Of these, the women segment is set to expand at an appreciable pace over the estimated period. The surge can be credited to the considerable demand for accessories and apparels from women.

Fiberglass Segment to Register Substantial Growth Driven by Rising Usage from Key Players

Based on material, the market is segmented into plastic, fiberglass, and others. The fiberglass segment is poised to register considerable growth throughout the forecast period. The rise is driven by the growing product usage by key players for producing dummies.

Based on geography, the market for mannequins has been categorized into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East & Africa, and South America.

Report Coverage:

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the major trends propelling the global business scenario throughout the projected period. It further gives an account of the crucial steps taken by leading industry participants to strengthen the positions of their businesses. Additional aspects of the report comprise an analysis of the vital factors impelling industry growth across various regions.

Competitive Landscape:

Key Players Enter Partnership Agreements to Strengthen Industry Position

Major market participants are centered on the adoption of an array of strategic initiatives for the consolidation of their industry positions. These steps include merger agreements, acquisitions, and the rollout of new solutions. Some of the other initiatives comprise a rise in research initiatives and the development of new products.


Market Value to Surge Driven by Increasing Innovation of Mannequin Products

One of the key factors propelling mannequins market growth is the increase in the adoption of advanced technology-based lay figures in clothing stores. These are used to influence clothing retailers to order a range of dress forms, favoring industry expansion.

However, the industry expansion could be affected by an upsurge in the adoption of online shopping of fashion goods.

Regional Insights:

North America to Emerge as Leading Region Impelled by Growing Spending on Outdoor Recreation

North American mannequins market share is anticipated to register considerable expansion throughout the forecast period. The surge is due to the increasing focus of retailers on building operational efficiency and productivity for their apparel businesses.

The European market is slated to record substantial growth over the estimated period. The rise is driven by the increasing number of clothing stores preferring innovative manikins. 

Key Industry Developments:

February 2021 – Kesslers International acquired Proportional London Ltd. The deal enabled the display of accessories, production of fiberglass, and papier-mache manikins to the production unit in East London.


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