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Today, no one is surprised by the use of stickers in almost any area of ​​our lives. Self-adhesive stickers have recently become especially popular in the advertising business and marketing. Stickers promote products and services, make the company’s name more popular, and the brand recognizable among a huge number of potential customers.

They are glued directly to promotional goods, to public and private transport, to display cases or to the floor in stores and supermarkets. Statistics have repeatedly proven that stickers work!


Sticker – brand of your business


Decorate your products with stickers with the company logo – this will increase your brand recognition and sales. Stickers can contain not only the company logo and slogan, but also information about services, discounts or future promotions. Information about the manufacturer and its contacts will increase trust in the company.
The sticker can be whatever you want. Each company has an individual sticker design that best expresses its essence and helps promote its brand.


Stickers Print Market


Self-adhesive advertising stickers are very convenient to use, and their production is fast and quite cheap. Printcosmo prints excellent quality stickers, and their cost will suit even a small low-budget company. We can quickly and efficiently print any print run of stickers -from1 piece to infinity. We print stickers on self-adhesive paper and on Oracal film of any color. The smallest format is 25×50 mm, the largest is A3-A0 sheet. Stickers are printed within 1-2 days.
Color rendition and image clarity are photographic.

Good design is half the battle


Professional designers will definitely suggest which self-adhesive sticker layout will most accurately reflect the key goals of your advertising campaign. The sticker should match the corporate style of the company, and the design team will develop a sketch that will be best perceived by the average buyer. Our designers are ready to provide the client with several options so that he can choose the one he likes best. And only after the customer approves the final layout is sent to the printing house.
The customer pays only for one layout – the one that will be printed!


Floor stickers


This is another type of custom die cut sticker that will help your company stand out from the crowd. The use of floor graphics has proven that it increases demand for products by 22%.


That’sbigprofits!  are great for attracting the attention of store visitors to a certain group of products, they liven up the sales area and help customers find your store or company in a large supermarket or shopping center. Stickers are placed on the floor in areas with high traffic of potential customers. Floor stickers are made of particularly durable Oracal film with increased wear resistance. The image is applied using moisture-resistant printing, it is colorful and full-color. Floor stickers produced by Print Market can be of a wide variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the customer’s wishes. Original stickers in the form of shoe prints or bare human feet, animal and bird tracks, car tires and much more – we print shapes of any complexity. Believe me – floor stickers are great at attracting the attention of consumers and are remembered for a long time. You can see our stickers in the company’s product catalog: there are matte and glossy stickers, car bumper stickers and address envelope stickers. The assortment is large. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can also always be aware of our new products by joining us on social networks Facebook and Google+.

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