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Mixed methods dissertation studies have become quite popular among students in recent years. It is basically an amalgamation of two different research methodologies to study a particular phenomenon. While qualitative research explores the social phenomena, on the other hand, quantitative research is based on numbers and statistics. But, very few students are aware of how to utilize mixed methods in dissertation studies and face several challenges. But now you can take help online from professional online dissertation help methodology services and structure your research papers effectively. So, in this post, we will discuss how to use mixed methods in dissertation studies with the help of online dissertation services.

What are Mixed Methods?

Mixed methods research refers to the combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods in a single research project. Qualitative research methods focus on understanding the meanings and complexities of phenomena by using techniques such as interviews, observations, and content analysis. Whereas quantitative research methods use statistical methods to generalize and quantify data collected from surveys, experiments or other existing data. Utilizing both the methods in dissertation studies help researchers to understand the research problem in depth.

Advantages of Mixed Methods:

Qualitative research collects data on the what and how’s while quantitative research collects data on the extent and magnitudes of a particular phenomenon. Thus, mixed methods research collects extensive data leading to in-depth understanding of the research problem. In mixed methods research, the results obtained from different research methods meet at certain points known as triangulation. It helps establish the credibility and validity of the study. Combining various data sources and methods overcome the limitations posed by a single method reducing the invalidity and unreliability of findings.

Important Elements of Mixed Methods Dissertation Studies:

A good research design includes the sequencing, prioritization and merging of both qualitative and quantitative research components. The researcher must collect qualitative and quantitative data by using appropriate techniques such as interviews, questionnaires, observations, etc., that aptly fit the research design. Mixed methods data analysis involves complementary qualitative and quantitative methods such as thematic analysis and statistical analysis. Combining findings: The final phase of mixed methods research involves the combination of qualitative and quantitative findings to identify patterns, relationships and themes.

How Can Online Dissertation Help Methodology Services Help?

Online dissertation help methodology services have become a boon for students in this era of digitalization. These services provide several benefits to students such as:

Online dissertation services provide professional researchers and methodologists who offer one-to-one guidance to the students according to their requirement.  From drafting research questions to developing instruments to collect data, online dissertation help methodology services support students in every phase of research methodology.  Many online dissertation services offer statistical help to students in analyzing data by using statistical software such as SPSS, Excel, etc.

Functions of Dissertation Help Methodology Online Services:

Dissertation help methodology online services are of great help to the students in various ways in this internet era. Some of the most important functions of these online dissertation help services are:

These online services provide proper guidance to the students by experienced researchers and methodologists in their specific field of research. Dissertation help methodology online services help the students in each and every step of methodology of a research paper starting from framing the questions to the designing of the instruments for data collection.  Many online dissertation help methodology services also provide statistical help to the students in using various statistical packages and in interpreting the outputs.  Online dissertation help methodology services provide the students with proper review and feedback which help in improving the quality and validity of the research.


Thus, it can be said that mixed methods in dissertation researches are a promising trend in dissertation research which help the researchers to explore the depths of qualitative research along with the breadth of quantitative research to carry out a very authentic and valid study on a phenomenon. Moreover, with the availability of online dissertation help methodology services, students now can get very good guidance from the experts in their specific field of research. So, if you are also thinking to undertake a dissertation study, then you must take the help from these online services and complete your study in a very proficient manner.

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