QuickBooks Update Error 12031: Quick Fix this issue!

QuickBooks Update Error 12031 is a common issue that occurs when QuickBooks Desktop encounters difficulties connecting to the internet during the update process. This error typically indicates a network timeout problem, preventing QuickBooks from communicating with the Intuit servers to download updates. Potential causes include network connection issues, firewall or antivirus software blocking QuickBooks access, misconfigured internet settings, or outdated browser settings. To resolve QuickBooks update Error 12031, users can try troubleshooting steps such as checking network connectivity, disabling firewall or antivirus software temporarily, ensuring internet settings are configured correctly, and updating Internet Explorer settings.If you want any kind of assistance from experts of QB, then call us at 855-955-1942 so that our professionals can lend a hand to you.

What are the reasons that lead to QuickBooks Update Error 12031?

Identifying and addressing these issues is crucial to resolving the QB update error 12031 and ensuring smooth software updates.
  • Poor or unstable internet connectivity can prevent QuickBooks from establishing a connection with the Intuit update servers.
  • Security software may block QuickBooks’ access to the internet, preventing it from downloading updates.
  • Misconfigured proxy settings, browser configurations, or DNS settings can hinder QuickBooks’ ability to connect to update servers.
  • Using an outdated version of Internet Explorer may cause compatibility issues with QuickBooks’ update process.
  • Intuit’s servers may experience high traffic or maintenance, leading to timeouts during the update process.
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Best Solution to Troubleshoot Update Error 12031 in QB Desktop

Solution: Configuring the settings of your IE to fix the problem

By following these steps and configuring Internet Explorer settings as described, you can effectively address update error 12031 in QB Desktop and ensure successful updates of the software.
  • Launch Internet Explorer on your computer by clicking on its icon from the desktop or searching for it in the Start menu.
  • Click on the gear icon (Tools) located at the top right corner of the browser window.
  • Click on each of the security zones (Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites) and ensure that the security level is set to the default level or Medium-high.
  • To adjust the level, click on the “Default level” button or use the slider to set it to Medium-high. In the Trusted Sites window, add the Intuit websites to the list of trusted sites.
  • Still in the Security tab, uncheck the box next to “Enable Protected Mode” for all zones. Protected Mode can interfere with QuickBooks’ ability to download updates.
  • This will reset Internet Explorer to its default settings, ensuring that any misconfigurations causing the update error are resolved.
  • After making the necessary adjustments, click on the “Apply” button, then click “OK” to save the changes and close the Internet Options window.


QuickBooks Update Error 12031 signifies a connectivity issue preventing QuickBooks Desktop from updating. Addressing this error involves troubleshooting network connections, adjusting firewall settings, and ensuring internet configurations are correct. Resolving these issues is essential for maintaining QuickBooks software functionality and security. Speak with our team at 855-955-1942 and get assistance on the problem you are facing.The Following Blogs Can Help You : Best Ways to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error code 6209 , Fixing QuickBooks error 15102 like an expert , Understanding and Resolving QuickBooks Error 15203 , Encountering QuickBooks Error H202 in Multi-User Mode? Here’s Your Fix!


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