Discussing Real-World Business Challenges in a Dissertation

Student teams come together through real business tasks. They take on genuine issues with real companies. The students work with a range of firms, including new and reputable businesses from many sectors. In addition to their academic skills, kids are also developing their teamwork skills.

They are also learning how to talk with the firm’s management. They are honing their ability to solve problems. Pupils also know the value of relations outside of the classroom.  For this reason, it’s also one of the popular business dissertation topics these days. This piece also covers the main issues from the real world and may also come up in your dissertations.

Using what you’ve learnt in class is the main goal of a field project. You put it to use in the actual world. And that’s what companies want. They must give concepts, methods, and answers. So, let’s have a look at this in detail.

Seven Biggest Real-World Business Challenges:

Being a futurist, you should focus on the interface of business and technology. Foreseeing and telling businesses how to prepare for rapid change is a job. If firms want to use it, they should have someone who has only taught in a classroom. Academic experience alone discards a candidate from team membership. There’s no doubt about that. But you can go beyond what the classroom gives by showing businesses the result of your work.

Price and Business Decline:

The headlines already have news of rising inflation. It’s going to stay in the coming years. Many economies will stop or decrease, and companies must prepare for this fact. Also, the firm lowered its 2023 global growth forecast to 2.9 per cent. The IMF noted growing risks of financial instability and break. Companies may fight for pricing by creating end-to-end, usable spending visibility. They can do this by breaking it down into business processes, functions, cost types, and business units. They can also cut spending.

Raising Consumer Demands:

Customers want deeper experiences, both in the real world and the universe beyond it. They visit physical stores for more than just things. They like distinctive in-store experiences. If your firm has physical stores, try more in-depth experiences. You may engage with customers online, offline, or both. Ask yourself, “How can you add more value for our customers? How can you turn this into an experience?”

Rapid Digital Change:

AI is already starting to replace all the businesses. This trend will grow next year. At the same time, other technologies, like 5G, blockchain, the cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are also growing. They’re speeding up AI, and they all work well together. Also, this is swiftly making a world of ever-increasing technological advancement. In response, every company must consider itself a technology company. So, companies focus on processes. The goal is to equip employees with skills for working with robots.

Data and Device Security:

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and ransomware and phishing schemes have become commonplace. As businesses grow more digital, they make more data. This data is appealing to cybercriminals. They want to steal it and hold companies hostage for money. Companies may defend themselves by taking proactive steps. The steps also include testing their data backup and recovery processes. They will also do hacking tests and also some other scanning. They will protect sensitive data from cyberattacks. The nursing dissertation help UK services also have a high level of data security.

Logistics Protection:

Supply chain security is another critical problem. The issues began with COVID backlogs. They got worse due to Russia’s assault on Ukraine and also from workforce shortages in the Great Resignation. This has made it harder to source parts and goods and raised prices. So, companies should resist the urge to overorder to make up for backlogs. This might make the problem worse. Instead, focus on long-term healing. Also, change your demands to avoid such shortages in the future.

The Fight for Quality will Enhance:

Companies in many sectors are facing huge shortfalls in critical future skills. They will also need to re-skill or upskill much of their workforce. This is to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Companies may and should educate talent by hiring people right out of school. They can use low-code or no-code software for their needs. They should also foster a culture of proper learning. Also, the epidemic has led many people to rethink their careers. This has also caused widespread cut-offs in many industries. To attract top talent, businesses must provide a work environment. This environment caters to the modern world of work. This also includes employment flexibility, real leadership, diversity, and so on.


Climate change is the top corporate concern. Customers demand transparency on eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable product lines. Companies can respond by taking a broad view of their business processes. So they can review the entire supply chain. They could also explore switching to renewable energy. They need sustainable packaging alternatives. Employees also can perform tasks from home on an as-needed basis. Becoming more sustainable will help you meet customer demands. It will also help you find savings that boost profits.


This article discusses the seven most critical business issues. Because they are also one of the major business dissertation topics, it also cover goals to tackle them.  The Business Trends report lists the major issues that small businesses face. This will give practical answers to every problem. They will help you thrive, not survive. Today’s economy could be a major issue. Still, you may achieve your small business goals. It offers great client experiences and joy. Do it with the right strategy and mindset.

The epidemic has caused a rapid shift in business. It also has uprooted firms from what they saw as the status quo. So, many business problems have been tough for companies now. Some have even declared bankruptcy. But, people praise corporate adaptation as the new edge. Also, growing companies must know current business issues. They must set flexible goals also that adapt to ongoing changes.

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