Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

The reverse osmosis filter includes all the above cartridges so that similar procedures will be needed. In addition, over time, the osmotic membrane needs to be replaced with the help of RO Service Jabalpur. Maintenance of such a filter is usually straightforward. The only advice that experts give is to mark the hoses and pipes so as not to mix them up during assembly. You can use a marker or electrical tape for this.

Common Water Filter Problems

Usually, if you perform timely maintenance of the flow filter, there are no problems. However, in some cases, you may encounter deterioration in water quality and a pressure drop. Repair Service Bro will tell you about the most common causes and ways to eliminate them.

The water became bitter.

Organochlorine compounds are the leading cause of the bitter taste. They remain in the filter during the cleaning process, but when their concentration reaches a maximum, the cartridge can no longer hold them.

You must carry out a scheduled cartridge replacement if the water tastes bitter. Usually, the problem lies in the carbon filter, which is responsible for cleaning from organic compounds and chlorine.

Also, the taste of water may seem unusual after installing a reverse osmosis system. This is because the maximum amount of minerals is removed from it, which affects the taste. In this case, you should consider installing a mineralizer to enrich the purified water with valuable microelements.

The water pressure has dropped.

Water pressure usually drops if one of the filters is clogged. The cause should usually be sought at the stage of rough cleaning. In case of clogging, the filter should be replaced or cleaned if this is provided for by its design.

Sometimes, the pressure drops after routine maintenance. The reason may be a leak. Carefully inspect the filter and check the joints with dry hands. If you find leaks, turn off the water and reassemble the filter. Remember that rubber products, including sealing rings, can dry out or crack over time. In this case, they need to be replaced. A temporary solution can be silicone grease, which is applied to the problematic seals. However, it would be best if you did not use a sealant since problems with disassembling the filter may arise.

The water became cloudy.

Usually, the water gets a color if you last used the filter a long time ago (more than two weeks). In this case, algae may multiply, and a replacement is needed, even if the cartridge resource is not yet exhausted.

In addition, activated carbon particles may appear in the water if the filter is not installed correctly. Carbon may also enter the water immediately after installation—this is normal. As soon as the water flushes the system, the turbidity will disappear.

The last reason is the deterioration of the water in the water supply system. An increased amount of debris can get into the system during repairs. Therefore, rust and mineral compounds can clog the filters within a few days.

The reverse osmosis system constantly discharges water into the sewer.

Reverse osmosis filters differ in operating principle from conventional flow-through or household models. They are not supposed to purify 100% of the liquid. Usually, for every 1 liter of purified water, 3 liters are discharged into the sewer.

If the ratio is growing, it is already a problem. In this case, there may be two reasons:

The membrane needs replacing. When the osmotic membrane becomes clogged, it becomes more difficult for water molecules to pass through it. Therefore, the tank may fill more slowly, and large volumes of liquid may be discharged into the sewer.

The system is under insufficient pressure, so you must contact an RO service near me. The system must have a pressure of 2.5-5 atmospheres for regular osmosis. Usually, a centralized water supply is fine. But in the private sector, if water is taken from a well or a borehole, the indicator can be only 1-2 atm. In this case, you need to install a pump to build up pressure and automatic control so that it turns on itself at the right moments.


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