“Revitalize Your Appearance: Understanding Facelift Procedures”

Do you feel low due to your saggy skin, which the aging signs? Read the below-given content to learn how to Revitalize your appearance: Understanding facelift procedures.

We are offering you the best solution to have more defined features with our facelift procedures. We offer you promising transforming results. With our facelift procedures, you can gain the best-contoured features giving you a more youthful look. 

How to revitalize your look? 

If your aging signs are becoming prominent with your growing age, then instead of feeling low, move forward to grab the opportunity to uplift your face with our facelift procedures. We provide you with the best solution to revitalize your look making you more confident & flawless. 

Facelift in Abu Dhabi: 

Facelift Abu Dhabi revitalizes your look by lifting your skin which eliminates all the imperfections that you have experienced with your growing age. It gives more promising results than Botox adding to your aesthetics which ultimately boosts your confidence & self-esteem. 

Benefits of facelift: 

There are various benefits of facelifts, which are as follows;

  • Providing you with more prominent features 
  • Giving you a defined jawline 
  • Eliminating saggy skin
  • Contour of facial features 
  • Strengthens inner muscles
  • Contributes to the restoration of facial boundaries 
  • Reducing extra fat 
  • Diminishes aging signs 
  • Eliminating fine lines & wrinkles 
  • Tightening the saggy skin
  • Revitalizing your appearance 
  • Removes bunny lines 
  • Boosts your pout 
  • Eliminates lines on the head 
  • Eliminate all the imperfections 
  • Makes you look younger 
  • Achieving a defined jawline 

What is the best age for a facelift? 

There is no specific age for a facelift but if you notice any signs of aging on your face then you can go for facelift procedures to revitalize your look. Usually, the need for facelift procedures arises around the age of 38 to 50. 

Who is an ideal candidate for the procedure? 

You are an ideal candidate for the procedure if you are facing such issues; 

  • Your growing age is causing hindrances in the way of your flawless beauty. 
  • Prominent aging signs have begun to form 
  • Have wrinkles, fine lines & bunny lines 
  • The skin has begun to sag 
  • unattractive jawline 
  • Want to enhance your aesthetics 
  • Jaws are hanging; the uneven jawline 
  • Cheeks are drooping 
  • You are aged between 30 to 50 
  • You are conscious of your look
  • Are not satisfied by the temporary results of botox 


Facelift procedures: 

There are various facelift procedures designed to uplift your face by adding to your aesthetics such as; 

Deep plane 

The deep plane is a procedure that has been introduced to eliminate aging signs by deeply uplifting the face. This process has long-lasting impacts focusing specifically on mid face & jawline area by giving a more defined look to the face. 

Mid facelift 

This procedure aims to address the drooping cheeks & nasolabial folds by treating the middle areas of the face to restore the younger look. It directly impacts the middle area of the face by realigning the tissues. 

Mini facelift 

This procedure aims to sculpt the neck & jaw area by making a small incision around the ear to lift the cheek area. It is also regarded as a short incision facelift designed to give a more defined & contoured look to the face. 

Liquid facelift 

This procedure aims to uplift the facial muscles by injecting dermal fillers & neuromodulators which are like Botox. This non-surgical procedure removes wrinkles & fine lines from the face of an individual by rejuvenating the skin.

Neck lift procedure 

It is a facelifting procedure designed to focus on the saggy skin of the neck. Most of us are experiencing constant loosing in the skin of the neck area with growing age. Some of us also experience fine line on the neck area which makes us look more elderly. This procedure is designed for such individuals who dreamt of smooth & sculpted necks. It is done by making two incisions; under the chin & behind the ear. In this procedure, neck muscles are tightened up by removing the extra skin which is then followed by sewing the cut making it invisible. 

Cost of the procedure: 

The cost of the facelifting process begins at affordable rates. Though, it doesn’t remain the same causing deviation in the cost. Factors that are responsible for deviation in the cost of facelift procedure are as follows; 

  • Facility’s reputation 
  • Location
  • Expertise of surgeon 
  • Complexity of the procedure 
  • Desired outcomes 
  • Length of the procedure 
  • Type of facelift procedures 
  • Additional services 
  • Condition of patient 
  • Garments used for post-operative care 

Why choose Us? 

If you are interested in uplifting your face, then visit Enfield Royal Clinic for further consultation to know which facelifting procedure suits you the best. We are here to assist you in revitalizing your look by looking more younger than you expect. 

Book an appointment! 

Weary of growing vexation due to saggy skin. We are here to assist you in your revitalization journey. Put your trust in us to transform your look. Visit our clinic to learn how to Revitalize Your Appearance: Understanding Facelift Procedures in more depth. We provide you with the best facilities. Book an appointment at our clinic to turn your dream into a reality. 

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