Sig Sauer 716i Tread Problems – Read Before You Buy


Are you considering investing in the Sig Sauer 716i Tread, but want to know all about its potential problems before making a decision? Look no further! In this blog post, we will delve into the Sig Sauer 716i Tread Problems and provide practical solutions to address them. Stay informed and make an educated choice when it comes to your firearms purchase. Let’s jump right in!

Overview Of Sig Sauer 716i Tread Problems

Are you considering purchasing the Sig Sauer 716i Tread? It’s crucial to be aware of potential problems that may arise with this firearm model. Let’s delve into some common issues reported by users.

1. Failure To Feed Issue & Its Solution

Are you experiencing issues with your Sig Sauer 716i Tread failing to feed properly? It can be frustrating when your firearm doesn’t function as expected. One common reason for this problem could be related to the magazine or ammunition being used. Make sure you are using high-quality, compatible magazines and ammunition that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Another factor to consider is the cleanliness of your gun. A dirty or improperly lubricated firearm can lead to feeding problems. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent these issues from occurring.

If you continue to experience feeding problems, it might be worth consulting with a professional gunsmith or contacting Sig Sauer customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide further troubleshooting steps or recommend adjustments that can resolve the issue efficiently.

By addressing these potential causes and seeking expert advice when needed, you can ensure that your Sig Sauer 716i Tread functions smoothly and reliably during every shooting session.

2. Extractor & Chamber Problems & Its Solution

One common issue that some Sig Sauer 716i Tread owners have encountered is extractor and chamber problems. These issues can lead to difficulties in extracting spent casings or chambering new rounds smoothly, affecting the overall performance of the firearm.

The extractor may fail to grab onto the rim of a cartridge properly, causing failures to extract. This can result in malfunctions and impact your shooting experience. On the other hand, chamber problems such as tight chambers can make it challenging to load rounds correctly into the gun.

To address these concerns, ensure proper maintenance by regularly cleaning and inspecting the extractor for any debris or damage. Additionally, be mindful of using quality ammunition that meets specifications designated for your rifle model. If issues persist, seeking assistance from a professional gunsmith may be necessary to remedy these extractor and chamber challenges effectively.

3. Charging Handle Issues & its Solution

The charging handle on the Sig Sauer 716i Tread can sometimes present issues during use. One common problem reported by users is difficulty in smoothly operating the charging handle, causing disruptions in the shooting experience. This can be frustrating, especially in critical moments where quick and seamless action is necessary.

To address this issue, first, ensure that the charging handle is properly lubricated. Lack of lubrication can lead to increased friction and resistance when pulling or releasing the handle. Regular maintenance and applying a suitable gun oil will help improve its performance.

Additionally, check for any debris or obstructions within the mechanism that may be hindering smooth operation. Cleaning out any dirt or buildup can often resolve issues with sticking or jamming of the charging handle. It’s essential to keep this part clean to prevent malfunctions down the line.

If problems persist after these steps, it may be worth seeking professional assistance from a firearms expert familiar with Sig Sauer rifles. They can diagnose any underlying issues with the charging handle and provide tailored solutions to ensure optimal functionality during your shooting sessions.

4. Trigger Problem & its Solution

The trigger problem in the Sig Sauer 716i Tread can be frustrating for gun owners. Issues like trigger reset failure or a gritty feel when pulling the trigger can affect your shooting experience. If you notice any inconsistency with your trigger pull, it’s essential to address it promptly.

One solution to this problem is to ensure proper maintenance of your firearm. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the trigger mechanism can help prevent malfunctions. Additionally, checking for any debris or dirt that may be affecting the trigger’s performance is crucial.

If basic maintenance doesn’t resolve the issue, seeking professional assistance from a gunsmith is recommended. They can diagnose the problem accurately and make necessary adjustments or repairs to get your trigger functioning smoothly again.

Remember, a reliable and consistent trigger is vital for accurate shooting and overall firearm performance. Don’t overlook any signs of trouble with your Sig Sauer 716i Tread’s trigger system – address them promptly for a better shooting experience.

5. Hammer Problem & Its Solution

The Sig Sauer 716i Tread may encounter hammer problems, affecting its firing capability. If you notice the hammer not striking consistently or causing misfires, it can be frustrating during your shooting sessions. However, there are solutions to address this issue effectively.

One common cause of hammer problems is dirt and debris accumulating in the firing mechanism. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent these issues from arising. Additionally, lubricating the moving parts can improve the smooth operation of the hammer.

Another potential reason for hammer malfunctions could be worn-out or damaged components within the firearm. In such cases, replacing these parts with high-quality replacements from Sig Sauer or a trusted manufacturer can resolve the problem.


Q: Can the Sig Sauer 716i Tread be easily customized?
A: Yes, the Sig Sauer 716i Tread is designed for customization. You can easily add accessories to tailor it to your preferences.

Q: Is the Sig Sauer 716i Tread suitable for beginners?
A: While it is a versatile rifle, beginners may find its features and recoil challenging to handle without proper training.

Q: What type of ammunition does the Sig Sauer 716i Tread use?
A: The Sig Sauer 716i Tread typically uses .308 Winchester or 7.62 NATO ammunition for optimal performance.

Q: How reliable is the Sig Sauer 716i Tread in different weather conditions?
A: The rifle has proven to be reliable in various weather conditions, but regular maintenance is key to ensuring consistent performance.

Q: Are there aftermarket parts available for the Sig Sauer 716i Tread?
A: Yes, there are many aftermarket parts available that allow you to further customize your rifle according to your needs and preferences.


While the Sig Sauer 716i Tread is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts, it’s important to be aware of the potential problems that may arise.

From feeding issues to trigger malfunctions, being informed about these common issues and their solutions can help you make an educated decision before purchasing this rifle. Remember to properly maintain your firearm and seek professional help if needed. Stay safe and happy shooting!

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