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Life is always uncertain, and a person can experience any pain or accident. But people mostly rely on living or spending the rest of their lives with that pain or injury. But no more such pain can survive longer when you have Neurolink, a Rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and soon in Bangalore. We provide various services, such as Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, spinal cord physiotherapy treatment, etc. 

When discussing uncertain pain or injury, one of the everyday situations is Spinal Cord Injury. 

What is Spinal Cord Injury?

The spinal Cord is the most extended tissue in the human body. This body part helps the person send signals to the brain and receive them back through the help of various nerves available in the spinal Cord. 

The spinal Cord comprises a combination of various cells, tissues, and nerves, protected by the “vertebral column and covers.” The spinal Cord also connects the brain and the lower back, running down to take and revert signals from the body to the brain—the sensations sent by the brain through the spinal Cord help in moving the body. 

However, when this connection is affected by any injury or pain, that person can face various health problems. 

And that is referred to as “Spinal Cord Injury.”

Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury?

Before visiting a doctor or a physiotherapist, you should consider the symptoms because, if you are well aware, you can easily communicate with the doctor by telling them everything correctly. 

Symptoms are as follows:

A spinal cord injury usually causes pain in the head, neck, or back. It can be temporary and have an underlying cause of prolonged discomfort.

There are various symptoms of suffering from a spinal cord injury, like:

  1. Loss of Bowel or Bladder 
  2. Paralysis 
  3. Facing difficulties in breathing, coughing, etc., involving the lungs. 
  4. Sudden weakness or loss of control over any body part
  5. A twisted neck 
  6. Any back injury 
  7. When the person is having trouble in balancing or simply moving. 

However, it is not just these symptoms; there are two different types of spinal cord injury:

  1. Complete Spinal Cord Injury 
  2. Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Complete Spinal Cord Injury 

In this SCI, a person suffering will stop feeling all body movements down the lower spinal Cord and lose control over their body’s movements and balancing. 

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury 

Incomplete spinal cord injury, the person suffering will still feel their body’s movement. But with a lesser control on their muscle when the injury on the spinal Cord is down below the spinal cord. Here, the person can still send and receive signals to and from the brain. 

Any injury is hazardous to a human’s body, so it must be treated at the right time. Understanding the symptoms correctly, along with their cause and treatment, is also essential. In cases like this, one can consult at Neurolink Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon

Till now, you must be aware of the symptoms, but do you know about the “causes” and the “treatment” one can opt for while suffering from a spinal cord injury (SCI)? 

Causes of Spinal Cord Injury 

Before understanding or embarking on the treatment process, understand the causes that make a person suffer from a spinal cord injury (SCI). The following are the causes or reasons why a person becomes a spinal cord injury patient, looking out for spinal cord injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 

The causes are as follows:

  1. A motor or vehicle accident of a person can cause them with SPI. 
  2. Sports Injury 
  3. An act of Violence 
  4. Any medical surgery
  5. Trampoline Accidents

These are some of the common causes due to which people often get affected or suffer from SPI, or spinal cord injury. 

Some fatal accidents can make a person fall badly on their spinal Cord, breaking or impacting the spinal Cord. 

It can commonly be seen among people between the ages of 16 and 30, or after 65 years, who are more likely to face any spinal cord injury. 

Effects of Spinal Cord Injury 

Indeed, a temporary or permanent spinal cord injury can cause different kinds of effects on one’s body.

  1. Breathing Problem – People with SCI problems are seen facing breathing problems because they are unable to move their bodies much, and pressure on the spinal cord also puts the lungs under pressure. 
  2. Stiffness and changes in muscle tone—Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) affects reflexes in the body, and the muscles down the injured part become stiff when unable to move. 
  3. Pain—A person facing Spinal Cord Injury is also in pain during that period because of an intense burning sensation around and on the injured part of the human being. 
  4. Bowel and Bladder problem – One of the expected effects of spinal cord injury is the affected bowel and bladder problems. Due to the injury, the patient is required to change their diet. 
  5. Depression – An outcome of spinal cord injury is depression, which is faced by patients at a high rate. The changing lifestyle pattern inhibits them from doing things they wish or like to do, which is impossible for that patient due to the SCI. 

Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury 

One never knows when a person is suffering from any disease, but taking the right and crucial steps is required. So that the person in pain or injured can be treated timely and correctly. 

One of the most prominent treatments is visiting the doctor, as it will help you with the treatment method while suggesting the required medications and spiral cord injury physiotherapy or spinal cord injury rehabilitation. 

How can one rehabilitate from a Spinal Cord Injury?

When an individual suffers from a spinal cord injury, doctors highly recommend that one should go for Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapy or Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation. At that time, one should not waste time. Now you can contact us at NeuroLink, a physio and Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and soon in Bangalore. 

Here at NeuroLink, which is one of the best Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, it provides its patients with the best rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic activities for people suffering from SCI. 

NeuroLink will guide you in SCI rehabilitation and provide the best ways to overcome the injury sooner. The top rehabilitating and physiotherapist doctors are present here. Our doctors will guide you through the best practices that will help you recover faster. 

Here, at NeuroLink Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, we provide different therapies, from physical and vocal to educational activities, so you can soon stand on your feet again without dependency.   

The team will not only reduce your dependency but, with unique strategies, bring you back to your healthy state, bit by bit, with our practices, like hand practice and daily habits. 

Wrap Up

Spinal Cord injuries are severe and require immediate healthcare, as they tend to disturb daily life activities, from minor to major. So, getting it treated with medications is essential, but getting physiotherapy is also important. 

You can join NeuroLink, a Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, as your recovery partner in your journey from injury to health and independence. 


What happens to the person suffering from Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal Cord Injury is an injury or an accident caused to the spinal Cord. If it occurs at a higher level, it can cause paralysis; if it happens at a lower level, it will impact the lower body region. 

What are the four types of spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury can occur in any of four types: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral. To learn more about spinal cord injuries, visit Neurolink, a rehabilitation center in Gurgaon

What is the first aid of a spiral cord injury?

To minimise the chance of anything more serious happening to the patient’s spinal cord, try to place the patient’s neck and spiral body with utter caution. Support the neck and spinal cord while ensuring that the body does not bend in any way.

If the ambulance is late, try applying a “cervical collar,” but ONLY IF YOU ARE TRAINED; OTHERWISE, TRY THE FIRST OPTION ONLY!! 

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