Tata Motors Offering Alternative Fuel Types for Sustainable Future

In a time where sustainable solutions are foremost, Tata Motors is driving the charge by offering a different scope of alternative fuel vehicles. With a solid obligation to natural responsibility and development, Tata Motors has arisen as a pioneer in the automotive business.


Additionally, by offering these alternative fuel choices, Tata Motors isn’t just giving buyers eco-accommodating options. Tata Motors stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the trucking industry. Let’s have a look at the most popular CVs of this brand, inclusive of price and features. 


Tata Ace Gold CNG Mini Truck

The Tata Ace Gold Cng price in India starts from Rs. 6.15 Lakh to Rs. 6.65 Lakh. This mini truck is equipped with a water-cooled, multipoint gas injection 694 cc CNG engine. This model efficiently generates a power of 26 HP from its engine. 


Moreover, this mini truck is versatile in providing a wide range of applications in the trucking industry. 


Tata Ace Gold Diesel Mini Truck

This model from Tata Motors offers a 2-cylinder, 700 CC Naturally Aspirated DI engine that empowers 20 HP. Tata Ace Gold Diesel price range lies between Rs. 5.99 Lakh and Rs. 6.49 Lakh. 


In addition, this mini truck has a high payload capacity and a manoeuvrable body that caters to efficiency in intra-city transportation. 


Tata Ace EV Mini Truck

Tata Motors is known for its reliability and durability as it has introduced the Tata Ace EV for efficiency in the greener future. This model has zero tailpipe norms that ensure zero emissions during transportation. 


Furthermore, Tata Ace EV price ranges between Rs. 9.21 Lakh and Rs. 9.22 Lakh. Moreover, this model is efficient for last-mile deliveries. 


For more information about these models, visit Truck Junction. 

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