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Many foreign students have faced difficulties in obtaining their transcripts. However, there’s no need to worry now, as study abroad experts have provided detailed information on this process. Studying abroad requires many legal documents, and study abroad consultants Trivandrum are here to offer the right guidance to assist you. Don’t be confused between transcripts and academic certificates—they are the same thing. This article will explain their different names, types, processes, and requirements. So, let’s dive in to learn more about obtaining your transcript.

What is a Transcript Certificate?

It is a vital document required for the application process for studying in colleges in foreign countries. Moreover, an Academic transcript is a certificate that provides proof of any student’s academic permits.  In simple words, it is a record of the grades they have received based on their subject. A transcript certificate helps colleges understand the subjects you studied and how much knowledge you have regarding them.  This aspect will help them know whether they are a perfect fit for the institute to study at. Therefore, it is essential to study abroad as it acts as proof of scholars at the time of applying for higher colleges.

Types of Transcript Certificate

As per the study abroad consultants Trivandrum, there are two types of academic Certificates that are briefly explained below.

1) Official academic transcript

This certificate is properly signed and stamped by the college on formal letterhead. Thus, it helps as a supporting record for your future study permits. Also, it is completely sealed to be directly couriered or mailed to the students. Hence, it will provide all the required data for your academics. 

2) Unofficial academic transcript

These refer to the duplicate of the original transcript. But it is not stamped and signed. Moreover, you can find a soft copy on the official college website. Also, this legal paper is known by other names that are noted below. Therefore, don’t get confused among these.

  1. Mark sheet
  2. Report card
  3. Permanent record
  4. Diploma supplement
  5. Record of achievement

What is a Transcript of Records (TOR)

It is a mark sheet that includes all the academic records of the students. It reflects as a sheet full of records such as a list of programs and courses candidates have studied. Besides, it also includes the grades they have got in their various subjects. Also, it has all the degrees, achievements, and awards of the student. Hence there is no limit to their data as they can add many more things related to their academic background in this certificate. Thus, it is the only certificate that contains a lot of educational records.

Difference between academic, diploma and degree transcript

An academic, diploma and degree transcript is not the same in any case. As they all differ from each other on several bases. Thus, through this section, you will get to know the differences among all three. To study abroad you should know about this all.


It is the official record that includes all the grades of their academic performance. Also, this works as proof of education since it plays a vital role at the time of applying for foreign colleges. Further, by this transcript, colleges assess learners’ skills to study specific programs or courses. Thus, they ensure, that students get proper knowledge regarding that course.


Students receive this record when they complete their specific course-based study. Moreover, it is shorter than other degree courses. At the same time, it includes more practical development and skills. It is awarded at several study levels, such as degrees from higher school to graduates and postgraduate programs. 


A degree is considerd to be the highest achievement in the education field that is granted by the colleges to the students. In this case, they need to pursue a specific course of about three to four years.

As per the study abroad consultants Trivandrum, these are the three main academic records you should be aware of. Now in the further section, you will learn about the process of applying for the transcript.

Process of Applying for Transcript Certificate

It is easy to apply for the transcript as you are just required to follow the three steps mentioned below. Further list mention below is provided by the Trivandrum experts so that you don’t struggle between the actual documents.

  • Contact the College

To get this paper you have to visit or contact your previous colleges where you have studied. It is advised that you must make a list of the institutes where you have studied and request them for a transcript.

  • Fill out the request form

Once you get connected to your college, first of all, you have to fill out the form for the academic certificate. However, depending on your college you may have to pay fees for it. Also, you don’t have to submit any legal paper to get this.

  • Submit this to the institute

The last step is to send this transcript to the institutes you are applying in.  However, there are many ways to send this such as via mail. Thus, you can get to know about this in further sections.

Documents required to get an academic transcript

To get a transcript, you will need various documents from your college. Here is a list of the documents that will be needed for your reference.

  1. Request form—To request this, you need to fill out the form provided by the institutes. You also need to fill in your ID number, year name, address, and other information.
  2. Identification—You are required to submit some legal papers for identity proof at a time along with the form. Thus, it could be your passport, student ID, or driving license. Moreover, other institutes may ask you to submit other requirements. It is advised to know all the needs before submitting.
  3. Payment– Many institutes might charge fees for this academic certificate. However, you have to pay a minimal cost for this at the time of applying.
  4. Authorization– You might need to provide signed authorization in cases if your transcript is sent to another third party or college.

Validity of transcript certificate

You must be happy to know that, there is no expiry date of this document. This is the proof of your academic qualification that stays valid throughout your life. It can be used in various places such as to study abroad or in jobs  too. However, it is recommended to submit all the updated legal papers at the time of applying.


To sum up, in a nutshell, a transcript certificate is a document that includes information about the students. It includes degrees, academic achievements, courses, grades, and many more things in one paper. Also, it has a simple process to apply from your college. Besides its requirements are easy and clear. The motive of this article is to provide all the knowledge of this certificate. Thus it is vital to have this to study abroad as it is the most crucial record. Therefore, to provide more detailed data, you can contact

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