Typical Questions to Ask When Choosing A Probiotic for Candida Overgrowth

Choosing an effective probiotic for Candida overgrowth can be hard but this blog provides all
the required help to find the best one on the market!

Will the bacteria in the probiotic even reach my gut?

Your stomach keeps a resting pH level of around 4 or 5, which is deemed acidic a little below a neutral 7. With proteins intake, however, that acidity increases and the level drops to a severely acidic 1 or 2. A few foods can raise it to a 6, which is still acidic. But, on the whole, your stomach will naturally stay between a 1.5 and 3.5 throughout the day.

Owing to this intense acidity, supplements, antibiotics, including analgesics break down quickly. This is exactly what you want most capsules and tablets to do. However, a probiotic will be rendered completely useless for you if it is destroyed by the acidity of the stomach.

Supplements containing live bacteria also called probiotics should deliver those microbes safely to the intestine. After reaching the intestine, they can start colonizing and promoting a healthy balance between other microbes all through the digestive tract.

How many CFUs of live bacteria does the probiotic contain and how many do I need?

Colony-forming units (CFUs) are a method of communicating the level of live and active bacteria in a single dose of the best probiotic supplement for candida overgrowth. While it may not disclose everything you would want to know, it does allow for a decent comparison between the effectiveness of one probiotic over another. To put it briefly, the higher the CFU count, the more effective that probiotic will be against your fungal infection.

As a lower limit, you need a probiotic that has 10 billion CFUs for an adult-sized body. Five billion CFUs are adequate for most kids. If a probiotic’s label doesn’t say anything about its CFU count or the count is less than the recommended amount for your body size, don’t even consider it.

Does it matter how many strains are included?

In essence, yes. Your own gut microbiome contains nearly 1000 different species of bacteria. Sending in only one probiotic species and strain is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. As the varied microbes work jointly (except in the case of a severe imbalance), you’ll need to feed the gut a varied arsenal of bacteria.

As you search for the best probiotic supplement for Candida overgrowth, search for one that blends nearly one dozen multispecies and multistrains (varying species of a bacteria under the same name but followed by capital letters and/or numbers referring which strain).

Summing Up

Even if healthful shifts in diet can alleviate a few of the problems, fungal overgrowth will not go away without additional microbial support. It is vital that you choose a probiotic supplement that offers the right species and strains of live bacteria to help disrupt the overgrowth of yeast. As told already, as long as you search out a probiotic that contains many species and multiple strains (at least a dozen), you will see a benefit.


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