Want to Search and Update Netgear Firmware? Let’s Do It!

Netgear firmware is the built-in software of Netgear WiFi routers. If you want to update or upgrade your router’s firmware and experience the ultra-fast internet speed and reliable network, then you can get help from this article. Here, you will learn how to reach the login page or the router’s interface using your computer and mobile phone via the Netgear app. Also, you will gather information on how you can search and complete the Netgear firmware upgrades. Let’s start it.

How to Reach Login Page?

You can log in to the admin interface using some simple and easy steps written down here.
1. To access the login page, you have to connect your computer to the Netgear router by using an Ethernet cable.
2. Then, navigate any web browser on your computer and locate the address bar.
3. Now, type into the address bar and search it.
4. This URL will take you to the login page of the admin interface where you have to write the user details such as username and password.
5. If you didn’t change the password you can use the admin as username and password as password.
6. Hit the Enter key. You will enter the admin interface.
Now, let’s see how you can update the firmware after login to the admin interface.

How to Search and Update Netgear Firmware?

  • To search and update the firmware, you have to locate the settings option which is given at the top of the interface dashboard.
  • Click on the settings. Then a scroll will open up, you have to navigate to the advanced option and click on it.
  • Then you have to locate and click on Administration.
  • You will see the firmware update or router update option, click on it, and then the search for the update will start.
  • After the completion of the search you can select the update option and the update will start.
  • The firmware will update soon and then it will apply to the router straight away after the update.

    Note: Don’t turn off your router during the firmware update. Also, do not try to go online or do anything else to the router until it finishes restarting.

    Let’s take a look at another way to reach the login page and upgrade the firmware of your Netgear WiFi router using your smartphone or iPhone via the Netgear app.

    Login Using Netgear App

You can also access the admin interface using your smartphone or iPhone, you just have to follow these simple and straight forward steps which are given below.

  • You have to download and install the Netgear app on your device.
  • To install it, you have to connect your device to the router’s network and open the Play Store or App Store in the device.
  • Then locate the search bar and search the Netgear app.
  • You will reach to the app download page. Here, you will see some information on the latest version of the app and a download option on the right side of the screen.
  • Go through the information and then download the app.
  • Install it and open the Netgear app.
  • You have to write the user details such as the username and password.
  • After filling in the user details in the blanks you will enter into the admin interface of the router.
  • Here you have to navigate the advanced option which is given at the top of the screen.
  • Now, you have to select Administration and you have to just search the firmware update and then update it.

The firmware will download first and then the router will restart.

You can also manage the settings and network of the router. You can add or assign a new password for the admin by answering some simple security questions.

The Last Words

Here, you have learned how you can log in to the admin interface and upgrade the router’s firmware. Also, you have learned how you can access the admin interface of the router using your smartphone or iPhone. We hope you have successfully updated the firmware of your router and experience speedy internet and reliable network connection in your home.

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