What is MCI Technology?

Take the example of any building that you see, most of them are concrete structures. Concrete structures are the backbone of modern infrastructures, providing the foundation for buildings, bridges and various other constructions.

However, the disadvantage of these structures lies in the corrosion of reinforcing metals, leading to costly repairs, financial losses, and safety concerns.

The causes of corrosion are mostly related to environment changes, quality of concrete and the construction practises. And most of the industries are looking for a solution for this problem.

This is where Cortec’s® Corporations revolutionary MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) Technology, a cutting-edge solution that proactively safeguards concrete from the damaging effects of corrosion is going to help you.


MCI® technology is a patented approach that addresses the widespread issue of corroding rebar in concrete. This technology acts a formidable defence mechanism, significantly extending the service life of both the new and existing structures.

MCI® works by delaying the onset of corrosion and subsequently keeping corrosion at bay after initiation, thus preserving structural integrity, mitigating environmental concerns, and preventing the need for extensive repairs.  


MCI® is into Amine Technology, specifically elements such as amine alcohols and amine carboxylates. These compounds are classified as mixed inhibitors, demonstrating their efficacy in affecting both the anodic and cathodic portions of a corrosion cell.  

One of the key features of MCI® is its ability to migrate through the concrete matrix, offering a complete protection to embedded metals. This migration occurs through capillary action, ensuring it reaches even the most intricate parts of the concrete structure. Moreover, MCI® has the ability to migrate in a vapor phase throughout the concrete pore structure, enhancing its reach and effectiveness.  

Investing in MCI® technology proves to be a cost-effective strategy in the long run. By preventing corrosion and extending the life of the structures, it minimizes the need for frequent repairs and replacements, saving both time and money.  


Cortec’s® MCI® technology offers versatility in its applications. It can be seamlessly integrated into the concrete mix as an admixture during the construction phase. Another means is it can be applied as a topical treatment to existing structures, thereby providing a targeted defence against corrosion.


  • New construction: MCI® Technology is an important component in the new construction projects. By incorporating MCI® as a concrete mixture, structures gain proactive corrosion protection right from the beginning, significantly extending their service life.


  • Existing structures rehabilitation: The MCI® technology is not limited to new construction: it also plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of existing structures. Through tropical applications, MCI® rejuvenates vulnerable structures, preventing further corrosion and ensuring longer lifespan.



Cortec®s MCI® Technology offers a range of speciality solutions that are used for diverse corrosion protection needs.  

  • Corrosion inhibitor injection: MCI® – 2020 gel is an innovative solution designed for safeguarding metals deeply embedded in concrete. It proves particularly effective when cladding or paint cannot be removed.


  • Exposed Reinforcement Protection: MCI® CorShield is a water-based coating formulated for the protection of exposed reinforcement. Forming a soft non-tacky film, it offers up to 5 years of indoor protection and 6 t 24 months of unsheltered, outdoor protection.


  • Rust Converting Primer: CorrVerter is a water-based primer specifically designed for application on rusty or inadequately prepared steel surfaces. In situations where achieving good surface preparation is challenging, this primer penetrates rust, passivates the steel and stops further rusting. It serves as a crucial first step in ensuring durable corrosion protection.


  • Pre-Packaged Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture Powders: Cortec® MCI® admixture is available in convenient water-soluble bags, mixing it easy to add to concrete, repair mortar and grout mixing water. These pre-packaged powders enhance corrosion protection, ensuring a hassle free and accurate dosage without the risk of on-site mistakes.


  • MCI® Repair Mortars: MCI® repair Mortars stands out as a high-performance solution infused with integral migrating corrosion inhibitors. Incorporating corrosion inhibitors into the dry materials not only extends the service life of repairs. but also remove the possibility of dosing errors during on site application.


  • Post-Tensioning: Post tensioning in concrete such as bridges and underway passes poses challenges of corrosion. MCI® 309 powder offers a solution when applied in void s


  • Oil Cleaners and Degreasers: Tailored for effectively cleaning oil stains on concrete and other substrates, these cleaners save both the time and money. They deliver deep cleaning without eroding the substrate, ensuring a thorough yet gentle approach.


The above mentioned are only few of the speciality products that that comes under MCI® technology. Explore our website for other Cortec’s® MCI® Technology products. 


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