What is The Meaning Of Griha Pravesh?

Indians are typically cautious about shubh muhurats when it comes to purchasing property or moving to a new house. It is believed that holding a griha pravesh, or welcoming ceremony, on a lucky day can bring luck. When someone shifts into a new home for the first time, they perform a puja ritual on a favorable muhurat, known as Griha Pravesh, according to Hindu tradition.

The priest typically uses the astrological charts to determine the ideal times for the griha pravesh rituals, or the house inauguration ceremony. To ensure good vibes and bring wealth to the family, there are also a lot of instructions or dos and don’ts related to the Griha pravesh puja ritual. Therefore, let us know more about Griha Pravesh.

Understanding Griha Pravesh Pooja

When someone enters a new house for the first time, they perform a Hindu puja ceremony called griha pravesh pooja, sometimes referred to as grihapravesh or the house inauguration ceremony, to purify the atmosphere and shield the house from evil energy.

The sun, water, earth, fire, and wind are the five components that make up a house, according to Vastu, and a house that has these elements properly aligned will be happy, prosperous, and healthy. Grihapravesh is also referred to by a variety of names in various Indian tongues. In Telugu, it is known as gruhapravesam or griha pravesham, while in Bengali, it is called grihoprobesh.

It’s a popular belief that moving into a new house during a favorable period eases the change and reduces difficulties for the family. Days like Uttarayana, Holi, Adhikmas, and Shraddha Paksha should be avoided. The most auspicious days for Griha Pravesh Muhurat are Vasant Panchami, Gudi Padwa, Akshaya Tritiya, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashmi). Now, you might be curious about how to perform this pooja, so let us cover that.

Performing Griha Pravesh

Choose an auspicious Time

Before moving into a new home, one must do a Griha Pravesh pooja to bring good energy, luck, and wealth. One can request a priest to chant the mantras and slokas.

The griha pravesh should always be performed on a lucky day. You can review the ideal dates for a house welcoming ceremony, even though the festival season provides many fortunate dates that are appropriate for a Griha Pravesh.

The ideal times for doing griha pravesh puja and entering the house are thought to be during the months of Magh, Vaishakh, Phalgun, and Jyeshtha.

Decorating the House Entrance

  • Since the main door is the front of the Vastu Purush and is known as Simha Dwara, it should be decorated. Make sure that you decorate the front entry with flowers and a toran made of fresh mango tree leaves and marigolds on the occasion of Griha Pravesh puja.
  • Place a string consisting of lemons and mango leaves on the entry gate to eliminate negative energies.
  • A Swastik or the feet of Goddess Lakshmi can also be placed on the main entryway to symbolize good fortune and prosperity.
  • Additionally, you can attach a lotus, go-padma, or any other religious sign to both ends.

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Clean the Whole House

  • Make sure the entire house is spotless and pleasant before doing the Griha Pravesh puja. This will bring good vibes and positivity into your newly renovated house.
  • A broom is the first item you need to get for the house to start cleaning and remove any dirt before the big day. Just before you begin the puja, give your house a thorough cleaning. Use salt water to mop the floor to purify and sanitize the space.
  • Another option is to wash it with a solution of white vinegar, lime juice, and salt. It is thought that a havan, which consists of wood and herbs burned, purifies the surrounding area.

Purify The House

Store Gangajal in a different kalash in an unoccupied area of your house, and cover it with fresh mango leaves. Sprinkle water all over using these leaves. Gangajal is thought to possess a purification energy that moves out bad energy from the house.

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Cracking The Coconut

A lady is required to shatter a coconut. After that, it needs to be set on the front door of the house, as this denotes the taking down of the barriers. Before entering the house, break open a coconut at the door. Breaking the coconut is a ceremony that is thought to clear the house and remove obstacles from life.

Step Inside The New Home With The Right Foot

The husband and wife of the household must enter the house together, bearing the mangal Kalash, on the lucky day of Griha Pravesh. During the Griha Pravesh ritual, make sure you enter your new home with the right foot forward.


It is crucial to carry out the pooja on a favorable muhurat, which is selected after taking into account a number of factors, including planetary positions and favorable nakshatras. As a result, one should consult a specialist in astrology and Vastu or study the Panchang.

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