What Is The Status Of The Job Market In Uk And How You Should Cope With that?

The United kingdom  has reported 908,000 job vacancies, with the demand for brilliant opportunities for students as well as skilled foreign workers. The country has jobs that have high demands for job roles like IT services,Engineering,Banking, social media and Healthcare. The average  yearly salary in the country starts between 35,000 dollars to 67,000 dollars. 

According to a new survey of foreign workers in the country, almost 79% of workers showed their satisfaction with their jobs. Oxford tops the list here, with the highest employment growth, which is 16.4 in recent years. The highest business compactness among all cities in the UK are Winchester and chichester. It has almost 400,000 new jobs in several sectors, while making it a priority choice for immigrants to be able to work in the country and settle if they want to. 

In this blog, we will be helping the students who are in their last semester, by talking about the job market in the UK. Since it is about jobs, we will also be highlighting the importance of CV. In case students do not know how to make their CVs, don’t worry we also have a solution like the cv writing services for that. 

Job market trends in the Uk 

Hera re top 5 job market trends to consider in 2024:

  • As the rise of AI is evolving, recruiters of companies will be using Applicant tracking systems while recruiting candidates. 
  • Technical and digital skills are very much in demand around all sectors in the UK. 
  • Sectors like Legal, IT, transportation,accounting and Finance are likely to focus on green skills as an approach towards sustainability. 
  • Brief opportunities and provisional hiring is going to takeoff in the UK in the upcoming years
  • Organisations are expected to accept hybrid work roles for addressing work flexibility in the post pandemic world. 


UK job opportunities -work visa and eligibility 

Visa anime Visa durationVisa eligibility 
Skilled worker visa 5 years Meets salary skills shortage, sponsored worker 
Healthcare visa 5 years Sponsored healthcare job, approved by NHS trust
Graduate visa 2 yearsA recent graduate from UK university
High-potential individual visa 5 yearsTalent in specific fields like engineering, science,arts, technology. 
Youth mobile work visa 2yearsYoung people (18-30) from any country with a mobility agreement with the UK.
Non-permanent- govt authorised exchange visa 12 months Participation in a government-approve exchange program. 


Work culture and perks of working in the UK 

Working in the UK has several benefits such as:

Strong economy – the country has a diverse economy that provides several job opportunities across multiple industries. 

Global business hub – big cities such as London are the global business and financial centres that lures several professionals globally. 

Quality healthcare – students or people will be able to use the national health service (NHS) to ensure the quality of the health care for you and your family. 

Education opportunities – the country provides world-famous educational systems for students for personal professional development. 

Career growth – the country offers stunning career growth opportunities. 

How CV helps UK students 

CV helps students in the Uk to secure jobs by offering a concise and clear summary of education, experiences and skills. These are crucial for potential employers. A well-written Cv highlights proper coursework, part-0time jobs, internships and extracurricular activities that highlights the student’s qualification for the role. It exhibits their achievements such as academic awards, communication, problem solving and successful projects. CV also helps students to present their career goals and interests that align with the job they are applying for. By effectively summarising students’ competencies, CVs serve as a crucial tool for students to be able to secure themselves an interview. 

There are several students who do not know the right way to make a CV. Therefore, when they submit the incomplete CV the recruiters do not show any interest. You need a professional who can help make a proper CV like the ‘cv writing services near me’ .

Whom to reach to  make the best CV 

To make the best CV for yourself you have to look for the best cv writing services such as Quick Assignment Hub. They make the proper CV with all the right structure that is expected by the UK companies. They have been in this sector for a while now and have helped several students to make their CV attractive through which they have secured their interviews. Therefore if you are looking for some help, make sure to reach out to cv writing services. 

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The job market in the United Kingdom has evolved in several ways. There are many opportunities for students to be able to secure a job in the country through a CV if they wish to settle there. But the challenge that students face is making a CV in a proper way. To avoid the challenge and get the desired job role, students visit the cv writing services website- Quick Assignment Hub. Which provides them a proper one, to be able to attract recruiters. 

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