What Services Are Available for Users on the NHA BIS Portal?

The National Health Authority’s Beneficiary Identification System (NHA BIS portal) comes with a multitude of benefits and services. This portal serves as the prima-facie digital interface between the beneficiaries (citizens) of the PM-JAY scheme (Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana) launched by the Government of India, and the officials working under National Health Authoritys Ayushman Bharat Yojana.

The NHA BIS portal, also commonly referred to as the PMJAY portal, provides its users with a wide array of services to ease their processes and avail numerous health benefits. The aim of designing NHA BIS portal services is to identify, authenticate, and further facilitate the provision of the NHA services to the targeted beneficiaries.

This article aims to shed light on the various services offered by the NHA BIS portal with respect to its primary keywords, as well as touching upon the significance of bis ayushman.

Beneficiary Identification and Verification:

The first and foremost service that the NHA BIS portal provides is the identification and verification of beneficiaries under the PMJAY scheme. The users can easily find out whether they are eligible for the scheme by simply entering their mobile number or the ration card number. The portal authenticates the user credentials and cross-references the data with the Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC) data to provide a definitive answer on their eligibility.

e-Card Generation:

Following the identification process, the portal provides the beneficiaries with a digitally generated e-card. This PM-JAY e-card can be printed or electronically downloaded and stored for future reference. This e-card contains the beneficiary details, QR code, and family ID which is used for availing benefits under the scheme.

Search Empanelled Hospitals:

The NHA BIS portal provides a detailed list of all the empanelled hospitals under the PMJAY scheme. Users can easily search for the approved hospitals in their locality or anywhere across the country through the search option available on the portal.

Check Treatment Package:

Under the PMJAY scheme, a predefined list of treatments, surgeries, and medical procedures are covered. Users can check the details of these packages like the cost, the inclusions, and the benefits through the NHA BIS portal.

Access to Healthcare Services:

The main goal of the NHA BIS Portal is to provide access to healthcare services. It is a one-stop solution where a user can find details about every scheme announced under PMJAY, the prerequisites, the documents required, and how to avail the benefits. These services are designed to ensure the health and wellbeing of the population, reducing the financial burden of availing primary healthcare services.

Access to Information and Awareness:

The NHA BIS portal serves as an excellent resource for awareness about health and healthcare facilities. It provides complete information about the benefits and features of the PMJAY scheme. The users can get access to a plethora of information which gives them the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health and healthcare needs.

Grievance Redressal:

The portal allows users to register their complaints or grievances related to the PM-JAY scheme. Users can also check the status of their complaint once it is lodged.

Beneficiary Dashboard:

A Beneficiary Dashboard is designed to give a summarised view of the entire life-cycle of the beneficiary under PMJAY. Information about the e-card, hospital admissions, treatment, discharge, and the claim settlement can be viewed here.

Hospital Details:

The users can get details about the hospitals on the portal. Information such as hospital name, the specialties available, the address, the contact details etc., can be acquired using the NHA BIS portal.

By offering these services, bis ayushman seeks to bring an era of ease, accountability, and transparency between the government, health sector, and the citizens of India. The NHA BIS portal along with the associated bis ayushman not only aims to provide an array of services but also aspire to improve the delivery of public healthcare services, making them more accessible and convenient to the common man.

In conclusion, the NHA BIS portal is a multi-utility service platform dedicated to making healthcare affordable, easily accessible and seamless. It has greatly simplified the process of availing services under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, making it a revolutionary step in the Indian healthcare sector.

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