Where to Get a Screen Door Handle Replacement

Are you reading this with one hand on the keyboard, and the other clutching a broken screen door handle?

It seems like such an oddly esoteric part, doesn’t it – the screen door handle. Unlike spline, screen, and replacement tools, a replacement handle isn’t quite so easy to come by.

This short guide will break that down for you, along with where you can get a screen door handle replacement.

The Problem with Screen Doors (and Handles)
The thing about screen doors (and their handles) is that they are overwhelmingly built very lightly and not made from durable materials.

Granted, there are some metal screen door handles, but by and large they are made from molded plastic.

Add to that the fact that the doors themselves are typically made from light-gauge aluminum and you can see where the problem lies.

It is far too easy to yank one of these things off the track or squarely break off the handle.

Fortunately, there is a place where you can get screen door handle replacements, and fix it yourself rather than paying more.

Your Source for Screen Door Handle Replacements
Whether you’re looking for a screen door handle replacement, a replacement lock, hardware, or even screen, spline, and replacement tools, the place to get it is online at Window and Door Parts.

The fittingly-named online shop is the place to get all your parts and hardware for windows and doors, including other sliding door handles, rollers, and window parts, like balances.

The best part is that the company carries genuine parts for the top brands (yes, there are top brands in sliding screen doors) including but not limited to Traco, Columbia, Metal Industries, Jim Walters, Bayform, and Peachtree.

Don’t make it harder than you need to. Finding the right handle replacement will be trial enough. Get it online at Window and Door Parts.

Now, to make sure we don’t repeat this incident.

A Note on Keeping It from Breaking
As stated, sliding screen door handles (and replacements) can be lightweight and fragile. If you don’t observe some basic precautions and good sense you’ll be repeating this exercise next season.

There are things you can do to diminish the likelihood of breaking a screen door handle, including the following:

● Be gentle, don’t slam the door: This is self explanatory. Remember, these are relatively fragile parts. Yanking and slamming the door, or pulling away from the runners, is a recipe for a snapped handle.

● Replace it with a compatible metal alternative: If your door handle is plastic, look around on the above mentioned site and see if you can find a fitting replacement of cast metal. They are tougher and will last longer.

● Keep the track clean and lubricated: Make sure you don’t have any sand, leaves or other such debris in the track. This will make it harder to slide the door, which can break the handle. Also, apply some liquid lubricant (sparingly) like oil or WD-40 to the track to help things slide (after you clean it).

● Replace the rollers if they stick: A sticking door might not be the result of a dirty track, but of past-prime rollers. Replace these if they need to be.

● Store the door somewhere sheltered if the property is often vacant: If the property in question is a vacation home and is often vacant, remove the screen doors from the roller and store in a garage or shed when you’re not there. They’re light and easy enough to remove, and this step will protect them from sunlight, which damages the door handle in the first place.

Armed with these tips, you will hopefully not have to repeat the exercise of replacing the door handle too frequently.

For more information about Adjustable Door Hinges and Handles For Sliding Screen Doors Please visit: DDS LLC.


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