Cleansing the skin is one of the most important stages of care. It allows you to remove impurities, remove makeup, and refresh the skin. There are many products to choose from, which differ not only in composition but also in form. Many people appreciate facial cleansing gels because they are convenient and effective. You will find out who this solution will work for.


Every day, each of us is exposed to many factors that have an impact on the condition of our skin. Smog, dust, sebum, and other pollutants settle on its surface. Lack of daily cleansing of the skin causes it to become gray and dull, and it also develops imperfections such as acne, inflammation, and enlarged pores.

There is a wide range of cleansing products that differ in composition, packaging, and method of use. The foams are light and easy to apply. They are effective in cleansing sensitive and oily skin. They are applied using a pump that allows you to apply a sufficient amount of the product.

Face wash for oily skin is a very universal product. It can be used by both men and women. It often has a pleasant consistency, thanks to which the cosmetic is easy to apply and wash off the skin. Some products contain particles that additionally exfoliate the epidermis and remove all impurities even better.

Fatty products, such as oils and make-up removal butter, are becoming more and more popular. They have a heavier consistency than facial cleansing foams or gels, so they will not work for everyone. People with oily or acne-prone skin usually do not like oily products, which may have a comedogenic effect and worsen the condition of the skin. These types of products will work well in two-step facial cleansing because they are very good emulsifiers. Sometimes they leave an invisible layer on the skin, which may be too heavy for some people.


Morning care is different from evening care. It is recommended to wash your face at least twice a day. The first cleansing in the morning should be gentle – it is to prepare the skin for applying cream, sunscreen, and makeup. Its task is to remove impurities after a night’s rest. In the evening, we often use greasy regenerative, and nourishing cosmetics, which should be washed off after waking up.

Evening cleansing should be thorough. If you apply makeup and Beauty Cream to your skin, you will need to remove them effectively. Two-stage skin cleansing will work for this purpose. The first stage usually consists of more greasy and oily ingredients, which allow for better removal of foundation from the facial skin. Oil, butter, or facial cleansing gel will work well for this purpose. They mustn’t irritate the skin but thoroughly remove impurities from it. The next stage is to cleanse the face. You can use foam or a gentle washing gel. Product selection should be individualized because each skin has its own needs.

You should also remember to moisturize daily because every skin type needs it. For people with acne, a good solution will be a light cream that is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily layer on the surface. Dry and mature skin needs a cosmetic that strongly moisturizes the skin and reduces itching and flaking of the epidermis. In winter, it is worth using thicker products during the day that will protect the skin against frost and wind, and at night apply lighter moisturizing creams containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, or glycerin.

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